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  1. Hi,


    I am interested in knowing about your car.  What can you tell me about rust issues? Collision damage?  Is it complete and does everything work?  Can I get some more detailed pictures?  Finally, where is it located and what is your asking price?


    And please, email me at [email protected]


    Many thanks,



  2. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. The car came to me with very, very stiff, short springs. The ride was harsh and the camber terrible. It was apparently to have been hotrodded in the past by someone who also switched the carbs to Webers and put some kind of 14", wide steel wheels on for 205s. I am okay with the DCOE 40s, but trying to make the suspension work better. Because I have no stock springs, I am using modern aftermarket replacements. I installed some 2002 front springs, yesterday and was going to tear the rear apart today, but am sidetracked by some bushings that have perished, a bad control arm, and stuck pistons in a caliper! Have to rectify those issues while I am focused on the front end. The pictures of 2002 front bars look suspiciously like the 17mm one on my car, though similar appearances have fooled me in the past! There is no rear bar on my car. I will try to find some pictures and see how one might be rigged. Meanwhile I only have 2 1/2 days to get this thing ready for a 1500 mile classic car adventure. Off to free up sticky pistons and secure parts... Bill
  3. Peter, I would be happy to find some stock TiSa springs, as well as the Vogtland matched set. I have no overt prejudice about any given ride height. There seems to have been an evolution towards slightly lower heights when improving performance for the street, which is understandable. The TiSa springs appear to be lower when looking at pictures of the parts manual. Certainly, the part numbers are different. I have not enquired about TiSa spring availability from the dealer. Seems like a long shot, though. I have yet to talk with a supplier who has a bigger front bar. I am not a huge believer in big rear bars and have removed them completely in the past, so I have no intention of going up in the rear without any changes in the front. Where did you get your 28mm bar, Peter? I am a rank newb around these cars, so am ignorant of many nuances. There are constant references to changes made in the front subframe, with a hint that 1600TI/1800TI and 2000TIs are different. I don't know when the changes might have been made, nor what they entailed. Heresay suggests that a '68 2000TI might have most of the same front suspension, subframe, etc as a 2002. Is that possible? I have pored over some of the archives here, and am unresolved. If I had a '68 2002 to lift, beside the Ti, I would make some comparisons. Failing that, I am "depending upon the kindness of strangers." And, that is not French philosophy! Going to fit some H&R 2002 springs over the existing Konis in the front, and failing alternatives, sample some E9 springs in the rear, as an experiment. Have to shed some camber and get that ass off the ground, somehow! Bill P.S. The local dealer just called back and says he struck out on finding any TiSa springs within the system...
  4. Thank you for your input. Your setup sounds like the compromise I seek. The car came to be very, very stiff and low. I am trying to get it up and level. An inch, or two, drop in ride height is great, as long as the ride is compliant and the wheels stay on the ground as much as possible. Slightly quicker turn-in would be nice. I looked around for a bigger front bar, thinking a 02 would work, but, I am told by a couple of folks (Ben at La Jolla for one) that the 02 bar will not work. Does Vogtland make F&R springs for a Neue Klasse 4dr? I can't find any catalogue listing for such things. What specific part numbers are you using on your 1800? Where did you get them? How would I know if my '68 has an 02 front subframe? Thanks, Bill
  5. I don't like the aftermarket springs that came with my NK sedan. Has anyone determined an appropriate street/sport combination? I already know that 2002 H&R springs are not the ticket! Someone said that 2002 fronts and E9 rears will work. Is that correct? Any experienced advice would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help...

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