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  1. pompei426

    WTB Bavaria Tension/Radius Rods

    I have not purchased Bav control arms yet as I want to buy the NLA part first. And yes, I need E9 or Pre-74 Bav rods.
  2. pompei426

    WTB Bavaria Tension/Radius Rods

    I am referring to the rods that link the control arms to the front subframe.
  3. pompei426

    WTB Bavaria Tension/Radius Rods

    If you have a set, I'd love to buy them. Thanks!
  4. pompei426

    e30m3 noises...

    Go for the 2.9L M20 with ITBs or trip Webers. It'll blow the doors off the S14 cars.
  5. Reviving a dead thread here for future readers. It is important to match all aspects of the motor with one another. The 2 most important variables for a M10 (or really any motor) are cam and compression. Those 2 things need to be compatible, then you can determine intake, exhaust, ignition, etc. A 1.6 or 1.8 will only make a hotter cam less street-able as you aren't displacing as much air/fuel as that cam was intended to flow.
  6. The scraper/windage tray pictured is actually on a block with long rods and a 84mm crank. Minor alterations (grinding) are required.
  7. I know the 123 is great, but I think the people that see the real gains didn't know how to properly tune their distributor. I'll likely go to it, but I'd like to use it on a real dyno, not just the butt dyno. The windage tray scrapes the excess oil off the crank
  8. I'm currently also in the process of piecing together a stroker M10. I've talked to a lot of brilliant people and what I've come up with is the following. E12 Head (what I have) Schrick 304 (@Harv, you and few others have convinced me) 10:1 CR IE 144mm rods Weber 38/38 (@kbmb02 I'm interested to see hear what you do to get the most out of that carb) S14 2.3 crank (snout threaded and keyed) Tii recurved dizzyARP head and main cap studs Single row chain IE adjustable cam sprocketIE Alpina-style header IE windage tray IE oil pan baffleLightened stock 228mm flywheel I'm hoping with the adjustable cam gear I can bring the 304's 'sweet spot' just a hair as I like to have solid mid-range power. I estimate when properly tuned this setup should make 170-180 at the crank, but feel free to crush my dreams and say 150. All I know is that whatever this motor ends up making will be light years better than my current 8:1 'smoker'. Jason, I'm curious what the extra displacement from the S14 bore will yield. It'll certainly increase torque, which is what you're after. At the very least get the head professionally ported so the extra CCs have a chance to flow up top.
  9. pompei426

    1970 Personal/Nardi with hub and horn button

    Completely forgot to add that. The wheel is 360mm.
  10. Hello, I am selling a 1970 Personal/Nardi steering wheel for a 2002. I purchased this wheel from Hans Wortelboer roughly 2 months ago. This is a beautiful wheel in excellent condition. I am selling it because it's frankly too nice for me to use and I miss the thumb pads and fatter grip of my Momo. Price includes ConUS shipping
  11. I'm selling the following items. Everything is OBO. 1. Z4 3.0 Shifter and 5-speed press-on shift knob - $120 shipped CONUS - Noticeably shorter throw 2. BMW screw-on shift knob - $25 shipped CONUS - Compatible with any BMW that has a threaded shifter 3. E21 center and side grills - $120 shipped CONUS - Small dent on kidney that could easily be massaged out, no cracks in the grills 4. E21 Part out (trans, diff, seats, hubs, AC, front bumper spoken for) - PM for specific parts
  12. Eastwood Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant does a grest job. Wipe on and wipe off.
  13. Hello, I have a few 02 parts I am selling as well as an e21 I am parting out. The 02 Parts are as follows IE Poly Diff Mounts - $35 inc Con US shipping BMW Front Strut Covers - $25 (Inc. Con US shipping) - These slide into the top perch and cover the top of the shock- I believe these are NLA Transmission output flange seal and gasket (Genuine BMW) - $25 (Inc. Con US shipping) - Bought all three rear seals, only needed the shifter selector rod seal- These fit all? NK and e21 transmissions - Link to check compatibility: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part… New rear SF carrier bolts (the ones the rear mount slides up)- $25 (Inc. Con US shipping) The E21 I'm sorry to disappoint, but the trans, diff, seats, and steering wheel are all spoken for. But, if you need any other e21 parts, please let me know. The front grill assembly is in great shape, the fogs are crack free, all the glass is good. It's an unbastardized car, it's just had a tough battle with mother nature. I plan on keeping the car as a roller, so the hubs and rear brakes are not for sale. If you want the entire shell minus the parts I mentioned above (this car still runs and drives . . . until I start taking parts off) I'll gladly give it away for $500 OBO