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  1. Marshall, I'll be rolling in with 2 E34s. I also gave the details to Manny (E30), Kevin Grim (2002), and my friend Tom (E28).
  2. Marshall, I'll be joining once again. I assume we're going with the standard 8-8:30 departure from your house?
  3. Just talked to Le yesterday. He believes using an M10 with an S14 crank is a waste of time. He uses S14 blocks, but keep in mind, it is Le. The guy doesn't half ass anything.
  4. The stroker option isn't really worth it unless you have a crank laying around (like I do, muhahaha). Even then, it requires more machine work and at a bore of 90mm (staying very safe) you have a 2.138L motor. W/ a 91mm bore you get a 2.185L. Yes, the extra displacement and stroke will help you out in the power department, but you will not have a 2.3L. Very common misconception. Additionally, if you go through all the effort of making an S14 crank work in an m10 block, I think you'd be crazy not to go for larger rods. 144mm rods seem to be the most common upgrade. Those will set you back $600-700. I've heard some people use Honda H22 143mm rods. Might be worth some research if you want to save a few $$$. Either way you'll be getting custom pistons. At the very least, you're looking at $700 there. As far as setup (if you want a street motor and a larger stroke) I'd personally go with: 10:1 -10.5:1 CR pistons 144mm S14 rods Schrick 292 E12 head Dual 40s or 45s (I'll run a 38/38, but I'm sure everyone will disagree) Just my .02 cents. Which, with inflation, is worth less and less everyday
  5. I'm in. I vote to keep the tradition of Crazy Greek alive, even if we eat 'lunch' at 10am. That route was more interesting and enjoyable. Also add: Livi Willis Jeff Holmes Phaedon Hain I will add more names as I get responses
  6. pompei426


  7. Pretty sure the e21 5-speed is a 3-piece box
  8. pompei426

    new shop build

    Marshall, I can't wait for the open garage. Extremely well thought out and it looks great.
  9. DCOEs are the cheapest option. EFI is expensive and hard to perfect (for the money you put in) If you want 175hp and a fat torque curve you need an M20 or M42w/ a turbo. 150hp out of an m10 is easy and relatively cheap, above that it's a whole different ball game and it will turn into a race motor. An m42 with a turbo is a nice package and there a good amount of info on that build. With only 6-10 lbs of boost you'd have a rocket that is less stressed and therefore more reliable. If you want a powerful street car use a street car motor. The cam, and everything else, required for 175hp would not make for a happy street motor.
  10. I've been doing a little bit of research and it seems that a spacer would be a good invesment. I am currently running a 32/36 and will probably end up with a 38/38, so the $15 investment doesn't sound like a bad one. For those that might not be familure with the topic, a spacer goes between the carb and the manifold and offers two major benifits: heat insulation and improving the flow to the engine. For the more expierenced members on this site, have you ran one? what size? and did it really do anything? Thanks, Chuck
  11. I made mine way too complicated because I wanted something different. But, if you would like to replicate Clay's effort I have a mint set of Quick-N-Easy gutter clamps that I'm looking to part with. They are easy to build off of. Before I made my rack I cut up some railing I had laying around and it worked pretty well. Didn't look half bad either. Clamps for sale Clamps w/ wood railing
  12. I hate to break it to you, but the stock header is probably the best option for low-end on a relatively stock motor.
  13. List what you are willing to part with along with the prices. Thank you very much!
  14. Price:: 180 Location: : Baltimore, MD I listed these two months ago, and being a young member on here, I didn't think to include shipping. If you inquired previously, just let me know. I had to go out and get shipping quotes for multiple people and it was a hassle. Additionally, not too many people liked the shipping price. On top of that I was away from home finishing up my last semester of college and was pretty preoccupied. So, here they are again. I'm including shipping anywhere in the continental US. If you want to pick them up the wheels are $100. If you are outside the continental US, let me know and we'll figure out if it's worth it. Bought these two years ago and never ended up putting them on. The wheels look good except for a few minor scratches along the edge.

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