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  1. I don't know if he's worked on a ton of 2002s, but Josh at HMB Motorwerks is a really nice guy and has built some amazing BMWs.
  2. magnus


    1973 Ceylon 2002tii. Built 10/10/72 and delivered 10/13/72 to Hoffman motors in New York. No history is known before ~2001, when the car was rescued by Jeff Beyer out of a field in Eureka, California, where it was a stripped shell. Dave Owens acquired the car and rebuilt it as a bit of a 'Frankenstein' with whatever parts were available. The car passed through a flipper in Redwood City, then I purchased it. The car is painted a different shade of gold on every panel, and is primered in the back from a collision. The motor out of 2760341 is currently installed, along with an incorrect and worn brown interior with a pair of Recaros. I managed to get in contact with Dave after purchasing the car from the flipper and buy the original block and crank to keep with the car. The car is very rough cosmetically but drives surprisingly well. I enjoy participating in local events and drives while I decide if I'm man enough to rebuild it to former glory... [updated 11/14/19]
  3. I am trying hard to get my car back on its proverbial feet - haven't driven it since April. Will be wrenching in the evenings to try to join!
  4. Here are some of mine. Each year, the hardest thing to capture is the sheer scope of the turnout! Full album https://flic.kr/s/aHskAJby61 Highlights I call this one "waiting for the deal" And the only part I bought for my basketcase car: a patina'd front emblem to replace my out-of-place brand new plastic one. Huge improvement. I had to run earlier than I would have liked, but still had a great time.
  5. It's not an 02, but I sold my Integra Type R via BaT auction a couple of months ago. Here's the link: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2000-acura-integra-type-r-7/ This was my first time selling a car online, but I've been perusing BaT for a while and had a pretty good idea of the recipe for success. Like many things in life, the amount of time and effort you put in to the preparation will determine how smoothly the sale goes. Take a ton of photos. You're paying $99 as a seller for the bandwidth, may as well get your money's worth. Paint, underside as much as possible, wheels, door jambs and any VIN tags, interior front, back, headliner, anything you would want to see as a buyer. On our cars, get ahead of the game and take photos of the usual 02 points of interest (snorkel/no snorkel, shock towers, rust-prone areas, etc). I had pretty good "sale" photos but didn't feel like I had any killer beauty shots, so I went out once more and got the photo that ended up being my headliner. BaT selected a different one from my submissions but I asked to change it, I'm glad I did. Photos can make or break a sale and make thousands of dollars of difference. If you don't have a "good" camera consider finding a local 02 enthusiast or CCA member willing to help out. Describe the car as best you can, factually. Particularly with 2002s, the BaT peanut gallery is vocal and critical. Anything you can add before the sale goes live - compression check, scans of records and receipts, Carfax/history reports (not so much on our cars) will keep you in a good spot, and not reeling/reacting to questions while the auction is live. Videos are a huge benefit if you can manage it. I used my iPhone to do a driveway walkaround, start up, and toggled all the various switches and bits to prove that everything was working. A "virtual test drive" is also nice, and shows things that are hard or clumsy to describe in words (how easily the car starts, if it "sounds" right, if it has any trouble moving through gears). If your car sounds nice it can really boost the listing, too. You will probably receive a difficult question or two, be prepared to react promptly and build confidence in the car. The worst thing you can do is fail to address a legitimate question about the car - it will fester as the auction gets closer to close, and can spoil the sale. You may also receive comments that are negative, or off-topic, or just perplexing. Do your best to keep a positive attitude and reply courteously where appropriate. Don't be afraid to ask for changes in your listing draft. The BaT guys are doing their best but they're writing up auction listings all day long and sometimes develop interesting syntax. Sometimes they leave out information that you believe is important. Ask for a change, they responded positively and quickly for me. Good luck, and happy selling!
  6. My wife and I had a great time, we go to many many car events but this is our favorite. Great route, perfect weather. Thanks for putting this together! Here are the snaps my navigator / photographer snagged,
  7. Two old, two new(er). At the moment wife is driving the Miata so my daily is... the 02! The tii The M3 Type R Mazdaspeed Miata
  8. On the topic of generous bystanders - one night I left my 02 parked in the street just in front of my house, probably because I forgot to shuffle it into the driveway. My neighborhood at the time (Menlo Park, CA) does not allow street parking, and when I came out in the morning I saw something tucked up under my wiper blade. Expecting a ticket, I was pleasantly surprised to find an original owner's manual and a bag of other small 02 bits and bobs. Thank you, friendly stranger!
  9. http://bringatrailer.com/2017/05/08/no-kugelfischer-turkish-green-1973-bmw-2002tii/
  10. I'm definitely bringing a cooler next year!
  11. Hi all, I don't see a photo thread for this year's event so I'll start it up. Feel free to add your photos to the thread if you like. Below are some of mine, you can also click through to the full album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskW4Aevp I had a fantastic time - bought (and won) some cool parts, met great people, and saw incredible cars. What a great community of enthusiasts!
  12. Some people really enjoy the thrill of the hunt when it comes to the cars or rare parts. I know that I can get a bit obsessed scouring the far corners of the 'net when I'm really fired up about a particular part. I think he took that spirit to the extreme. Also - embezzling money is one thing when it's a faceless corporation and you're just some guy keeping the books - but in a family company of just four other people? You're literally ripping off the guy sitting right next to you.
  13. From my motorsportreg.com confirmation email: See you all Saturday! Been waiting ages.
  14. I was just going to post this. Crazy tale - hopefully he can sell off his collection and begin repaying his debt. (aside: lovely '73 Ceylon tii, not that I'm biased...)
  15. Awesome poster! Will those be sold at the event?
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