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  1. I am open to offers on these, originally put FIRM but thats because I am a hoarder and did not want to let them go!
  2. Really nice pair of E21 Recaros, have an older reupholstery job but they were really well done. Backs are black vinyl, bolsters are done in black velour and the centers are houndstooth fabric. Seams are all very tight and the only wear showing is on the bottom houndstooth material shown in the pic below. These would be perfect to drop in your nice driver 2002 or E21. One of them is missing the tilt handle and the recline knob but these are easily sourced. Bottom straps are little worn out but overall these seats are an 8/10 cosmetically. I hate to get rid of them but I am selling off some of my stash. I will be at Vintage but I won't be slinging parts this year, if someone paid for these in full ahead of time and wanted to meet there I would be more than happy to do so. $1200 ... Pickup only please. Located in Winchester VA.
  3. Passed this one on the way home, was the only BMW I saw on 81 both down and back. Another great event, probably my favorite so far.
  4. Year:: 1969 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 2750 Location: : Winchester VA The practical side of me has said its time to move on from my 1600 project. This is basically a rolling shell with some random bits included with the sale. Car is super solid, appears to have the original floors in it. A bit of rust in the spare tire area and some pin holes on the rear quarter sills. This is about as rust free as they get in original condition. Someone started cutting the rear quarters in preparation for the flares but did not finish. Car has been media blasted and part of it is in primer. Title in hand. A couple sets of taillamps Tii booster set up Some random chrome (some new, some old) Old glass buts it's pretty beat Brand new BMW turbo flares and airdam Brand new front fenders installed LSD I just got a new phone and will post pictures in the coming days. I am rarely on here, best to reach me on my cell. PM me for the number. I'm pretty firm at $2750
  5. Year:: 1978 Make:: BMW Model:: 320 Price:: 1000 OBO Location: : Winchester VA I have a relatively clean 1978 320 that I was using as my guinea pig for M42 engine mount arms. The first set of arms are done and now I can make a jig for them to make a small batch to sell. Shortly after I got the 320 a 1602 popped up that I would rather invest my time and money into. Too many projects. This car has a storied past, some time in the 80's it was parked after the engine or trans went out. It still carries a county sticker that is nearly 30 years old. I was told it was garaged up north for a while then pulled out to begin a restoration of sorts which was never completed then it sat outside in VA. Here is what I know was done prior to my ownership: New vented front 77 calipers, pads, rotors and lines New sway bar bushings New rear brakes and rubber lines Limited slip diff, resealed (not sure on the ratio, I'm assuming 3.91 320is) Some other random maintenance stuff, mainly suspension work (OEM shocks, etc) Some random observations: -Nice interior aside from the headliner which has pulled away slightly in the rear quarter seal area -Gas tanks have been pulled and cleaned but it appears they did not reseal them due to flash rust evidence. They will need recleaned and sealed. -Paint is dull but uniform and buffs up well, about a 10ft car overall -Was automatic but everything is removed except for the auto brake pedal -Non sunroof car -Car rolls, steers and brakes great -Has some spotty rust, mainly in the engine bay. Nothing major. Rear shock towers are solid, floor pans are solid. -Complete car minus engine/ trans driveshaft... easy swap candidate -I am not parting this out -doesn't have recaros I will snap some more detailed pictures later when I have some time (and phone memory) Cool car, would make a great little E21 to just drive around and have fun in. $800 OBO
  6. Still have this available, taking offers.
  7. I have some stuff laying around from my E21 project, what in particular are you looking for? I have the following: A few flywheels E21 5 speed driveshaft Trans mount crossmember Clutch fork I have no idea what is required for a 2002 5 speed swap, all these parts are in Winchester va.
  8. Pretty cool BWA steering wheel with an E21 hub. I conditioned the leather a little just to see if it would clean up and it looks pretty good. Leather is in decent shape except where the thumb grips are, its dried out and thin feeling. Hub is in good shape and will give it a good cleaning before shipping. $200 shipped
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