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  1. Hey everyone, I was contacted about an old truck I had listed for sale by the director for a small movie, he's looking for cars in the DC area to stage a 80's concert/tailgate scene. Trying to stay around $300 for the rental of vehicles. He said they would not be driven, just used in the parking lot. The truck is in Harrisonburg and won't work out for this, but I told him I'd share his info with this crowd as he also liked my 02. I didn't get an exact date, but he said it'd be early October for a timeframe. If you want to email josephpattisall@aol.com a photo of your car, or other older vehicles that might fit the scene maybe you can end up with cool story and get a couple of bucks for a nice DC dinner. 😃 I can't speak to any of his films, but after googling him, he looks like a real director at least so the odd of you ending up missing a kidney after the shoot are probably low. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2251093/#director thanks! dave
  2. davej


  3. Bump for the last couple hours of the auction
  4. up on ebay for a bit less to start. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113820461902 questions? davejahne at gmail
  5. I'm so sorry for the confusion! I had taken off the stock exhaust and installed the header/ansa in my car. The stock exhaust was what he picked up. If you don't have a use for it there were a few other folks that may, I'll send them your direction.
  6. NM/NA, and I'm sure most of you local guys have probably seen it, but this popped up yesterday. The guy started off the phone call with "this thing is a pile of shit" so you know he's a straight forward seller 😂 24O-4O1-5598 if you need something like that in your life. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/pts/d/silver-spring-bmw-2002/6924515037.html
  7. Asking price is $250. OP had it in the price field of the site, but tapatalk doesn't read that for whatever reason, drives me nuts as well.
  8. I have a pair of pretty ok euro turn signals. 😃 Please see photos for details. Happy to take additional pictures of any parts you may want. Asking $125 shipped, PM for my paypal address. thanks! Dave
  9. Asking $300 shipped for the carb with the velocity stacks. Yes, it is somehow missing the jet cover, sorry. Unfortunately I do not have any history on the part, or when it was last used in an engine. It looks clean, but you might want to plan a rebuild just in case.
  10. I'll get in line 3rd...just in case.
  11. Pending pickup to 71bmr02 Thanks!!
  12. I've gotten so much good information from this site, I'm hoping I can help someone in need out by passing on my old exhaust from my 76 to anyone who needs it. If you can use some or all of it please comment below. Shipping would be on you, but pick up in 22801 or delivered to The Vintage at no cost. I did cut the muffler section off, so that will need to be welded back. I think the muffler had a small hole or two, but should be in good shape otherwise.

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