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  1. http://www.wallothnesch.com Has anyone here ordered body panel parts from These guys before? How's is their quality ?
  2. Thanks all for your comments... I've been told my car has some rust issues, just how extensive I don't know. But this is one of the reasons my regular mechanic didn't want to tackle this. He was very worried that it would be difficult to find good steel to weld all of the new panels and bits to. Is all of this cutting and welding a very high level of difficulty to do well? I'm torn as well and a bit unsure of how to proceed.
  3. Thank you all for having a look at my pics. Yes, everyone was ok- and no one was hurt. While the damage looks quite extensive, the actual contact seemed quite insignificant. I felt the rear end shift abit, that is why I was really surprised at how bad the damage was. My question really relates to the overall safety of my car after such a repair, can it be made safe again? Accidents that happen in HK are a bit annoying. Cops, while plentiful, don't do shit. And while the van driver is clearly at fault, 9 times out of 10, the cops won't actually make a judgement ( unless someone is hurt). So claiming anything with the van drivers insurance can drag out for years. Fortunately I have my own comprehensive insurance to cover my damages. I believe the cost to repair will be nearly US$30k. I'm covered for this, so I'd be happy to preserve my car. I am only the second owner since new and the fact that it is a HK original car (and not later imported) makes the value quite a bit more siginificant. Regardless of all this, my biggest concern is safety and drive ability after such a repair. It still drives well now and I don't feel any alignment issues, but have been made aware of my rust issues when I had to have my front "frame rails" (inclined ones running up the suspension ) refabricated earlier this year....
  4. sorry, had trouble uploading from my mobile...3 pics attached. Please note the 'dimple' on the roof...
  5. Hi all I recently had a bit of an accident at a round about and a van hit me on the passenger door and rear panel. The actual impact was rather insignificant, although the damage as you will see from the pictures looks quite bad. I know this is the weakest point of the car, but I have also been told that corrosion of my body may have added to the severity of the damage . I've been told it is a write off. But recently found one mechanic who seems to think he can fix it. I'm a bit unsure of what to do. I would like to keep this car but don't want to be fearful that my car, while it may be aesthetically fine, be structurally unsound. I've found a supplier in Germany that has all new panels and I believe even parts of the a-pillars... Can something like this be fixed and structurally sound again? Please have a look and let me know your thought, concerns, recommendations, things i should expect after such a repair. I'd really appreciate to hear from as many people as possible Thanks Emmet
  6. Hi Stu, Are these the emblems you picked up from Rogers Tii? these appear to be stickers? Or are they actual 'roundels'? http://www.rogerstii.com/servlet/the-1731/BMW-Alpina-51mm-Sticker/Detail Thanks, Emmet
  7. Thanks very much for your information. I am looking at having my engine overhauled and the mechanic pointed these out as a something they found some corrosion on. I didnt know what they were called (as they only know the name in Chinese) and so I needed your help so i can buy these bits. Thanks, Emmet
  8. Freeze plugs - what do they do? And do they need to be replaced?
  9. Anyone know what the four 'caps' are called on the picture above?
  10. Hi Steve, What about for roundies? Will a shroud from a square taillight fit my '73? I would be open to trying shroud with regular fan vs. Tropical fan. Any thoughts on which one is better performing?
  11. Diesel. Can I ask you where you purchased that fan shroud? Does it fit the standard fan? As well as the tropical fan? Thanks, Emmet
  12. Anyone know where i can order a new set of BMW sun roof seals? Thanks
  13. i am having a similar problem and see that there is a lot of information on here about checking grounds etc... However, i am a complete newbie and if there is anyone out there that can help by posting a few pics of what i should be looking for? My fuel gauge has also been reading full. On occassion it drops which i can only assume is the correct fuel level. Pics anyone? Thanks, Emmet
  14. Hi All, Not sure if any of you might be able to provide some insight. I recently acquired a used Nardi wheel with horn button. i too also purchased a hub from Crowders custom - and found the same issue with the pin being too long... Anyhow, the problem i have is that my horn button when connected activates the horn permanently. I had thought perhaps there was some electronic component inside that was short circuiting, but when i removed the back place of the horn button, I noticed there is really nothing in there except a spring and a 'cap'. Anyone know what is causing my horn button to short circuit? And how do I remedy this? Thanks, Emmet
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