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  1. Anyone have any photos from the listing? Looks like the poster deleted them all
  2. Has anyone here done this or worked with him before? the photos look amazing. Im sure its expensive, but would love to hear if anyone has had any experience using this method and what results did they get
  3. Awesome! do you have a link to his profile? would love to contact him about some door cards
  4. Awesome thx! Not sure, Ill check through my SD card and see if I got any more...
  5. If you see a photo of your car shoot me a DM, id be happy to e-mail you over a high res version.
  6. Hey all, had a great time at the 02.02.02 (2019) event in Seattle today. Wish I could have brought my car, but something is up with a loose driveshaft or giubo bolt that needs solving before i can drive it on the freeway. Shot some period correct photos on polaroid (camera I used was a Polaroid Model 195 from 1974) and some digital pics as well. Lots of amazing and inspirational cars. Was great to meet people from the forum and put faces to usernames.
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for places in the Seattle area
  8. Thanks everyone for all the great input and link to the guide... Sounds like I need to hire a upholstery pro to get that perfection level im looking for.... Does anyone know headliner instal experts in the Seattle area?
  9. I picked up a NOS headliner (sunroof model) at that epic sale awhile back that was in Seattle. I have been looking at it every time I go into the garage, it stares back at me, wondering when I will install it... Wondering from those who have done it before how tedious, time consuming, or difficult it is to instal a new headliner? I am up for the challenge but just wanted to hear some thoughts from those much wiser than I 1. What critical or helpful tools are needed to do a proper job? 2. How long does it typically take? 3. Should I go ahead and just do the carpets too if I am going to be ripping the interior apart anyway... or is that a whole nother' beast.
  10. Also, as Mike mentioned - on later US spec cars these 'chromed' items were dulled. From doing a bit of testing and research with some older vs newer rings on clusters that I have collected over the years it appears the process still starts with vacuum metalized plastic using silver then on later US spec cars, instead of using a crystal clear coat over the top, they used a statin finish clear coat (much similar to satin vs high gloss in lacquers in furniture restoration) Basically when I compared later vs earlier chrome trim rings I found that when scraping off the clear coat, they were both identical underneath. Each of them having a high gloss silver finish.
  11. Also, Around the time that I re-did my chrome rings and bezel around the whole cluster itself, I did a ton of research into the actual process used to achieve this. I looked into just about every spray paint there is and they all fell short of achieving the true look .... thats because BMW didnt use a spray paint, but rather a process called Vacuum Metalizing - specifically using silver particles over plastic to create a chrome like appearance. The reason they aren't "chrome" is that chroming requires a metal to be coated using electrolysis - vs Vacuum Metalizing can be used on anything but more-so plastics. Many of the elements of modern cars (for example, all the 'chrome' trim on the front of my Subaru Crosstrek is created by vacuum metalizing plastic parts) To combat the silver finish from rubbing off or wearing down, they then clear coat the plastic parts with an epoxy resin, enamel or lacquer to give it longevity - this is often the case with slightly older cars with silvered plastic parts appearing worn, is that its actually the clear coat enamel that has aged and yellowed, yet underneath it the silver coating itself is still intact. If this has happened with your cluster, you can, in some cases, re apply a clear coat to the top of the gauge rings (once removed) and it will greatly improve their appearance.
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