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  1. Imagine not driving it. I couldn’t stop my self.
  2. This is all old lady talk. Just go with Mann or Mahle. Why bother to double post like page 2? Americans, go figure.
  3. Hello David That car is disgusting!I I insist you spend at least $12,821 and fully restore it .Then you can watch the prices increase while you worry about all the other bad drivers on the road! Floss
  4. Having only just finished the restoration, I'm using the car when ever I can, but having original seats only shortish trips. Oh and I don't like the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks Zinz Attached is the image of the air holes. Carb1.Air hole above No1 air trumpet. Carb2 Holes drilled in base plate.
  6. Its Jacaranda time in Australia, so took the rebuilt motor out to clock a few klm's. She is running so well now !
  7. Solved bogging. I opened the jetting hatch ( the round one on top) and she ran normally. The ITG air filter attaching plate was blocking of the air inlet above the ram tubes. It's a great looking filter bit you need a spacer if fitting it to 40 DCOE. I wondered what that hole was for.......duh.
  8. Umm 'wind wing shaft'? I've got that whistle as well, but I've run out of tape!
  9. You cannot patch that sort of job. Cut and replace the face panel. I bet That job would have been a pain trying fill and grind back, fighting the internal rust and thin metal all the way. Use a heavier gauge and seem weld it in. Stronger and easier to clean up. I to like the old ball peen as well.
  10. Presuming you have good fuel to the carb from the fuel tank. I think the carb may have faulty floats. The hollow float can fill with fuel and drag down both floats in the carb ( Im talking about the brass float here) opening the valve and enriching the mixture to the point of flooding . Replace the float unit as it cannot be fixed. Leading up to this you get. Fouled plugs, carbon and wet residue fuel. Bogging at two to three thousand RPM. Blue smoke at exhaust pipe. Difficult to start. No amount of fiddling with the mixture screws help as they only work up to two full turns out. You can check the jets but where you have been is still only using the idle jet, so if that's clean that's as far as you can go. You change or clean the plugs , car runs great for 5 min then smoke and bogging returns. Just my thoughts from recent experience.
  11. He may be in the wrong forum but I'm going to give the heavy spring a go as I have the same bogging.
  12. Hello Simeon

    im looking to replace the ball joints. Is there anyone in Australia that I could get these from? For your info, I've just had the engine rebuilt for $6000 ,parts and work plus additional costs of removal and refitting $2000. Eye watering stuff.

    1. Simeon


      Hey, you can try the local parts places (take the BMW part numbers with you). If you ask for parts for. 2002 they will probably be confused. Give them a part number and they might find it. To be honest for anything that I can reasonably plan ahead for, I either buy from Blunt or Walloth & Nesch (watch the AUD to EUR exchange rate - you can get some bargains)

    2. snowy


      Thanks Simeon 

      I Ve looked around local and Melbourne, I've had some parts from Peninsula in Victoria but no luck ,so Walloth&  Nesch.


  13. Scrape and sand off as much rust as possible, then a hard scrub with corse wire brush, wash, when dry apply straight rust converter , wire brush again then a second application of rust converter ,wash, when dry rub over with lots of thinners, after drying paint however you want.
  14. To add The motor has just been rebuilt and will have a single webber. It will be a weekly club drive, I'm not looking for track/ hill climb work.
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