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  1. Hello Simeon

    im looking to replace the ball joints. Is there anyone in Australia that I could get these from? For your info, I've just had the engine rebuilt for $6000 ,parts and work plus additional costs of removal and refitting $2000. Eye watering stuff.

    1. Simeon


      Hey, you can try the local parts places (take the BMW part numbers with you). If you ask for parts for. 2002 they will probably be confused. Give them a part number and they might find it. To be honest for anything that I can reasonably plan ahead for, I either buy from Blunt or Walloth & Nesch (watch the AUD to EUR exchange rate - you can get some bargains)

    2. snowy


      Thanks Simeon 

      I Ve looked around local and Melbourne, I've had some parts from Peninsula in Victoria but no luck ,so Walloth&  Nesch.


  2. Not that happy with the distributer which is Petronix and would like to go back to the original. My tech says the Petronix upgrade has been poorly installed and has recommended replacement. Has anyone done this? What would be the best place to buy a replacement?
  3. Thanks all for your positive comments. Mike the mirrior is off a Lada ( looks good tho , the real ones are expensive out here and what was on there looked terrible ) and the sunroof is factory or dealer fitted. Raoul
  4. Original material on the seats except for the driver seat base . It's a slightly darker colour and the weave is again slightly different. Really hard to pick. Carpet is zesty.
  5. Ok finaly got off the couch and finished Snowy. Motivated by Princess Lisa and her Black Beauty. Thank you to all here that have helped. I would never have made without this Forum. I still have to do the cam cover in black with highlights but am having too much fun driving her about. It has been a while so here she is!
  6. No.my fuel line was the clear plastic line, which became yellow and brittle. Personally I would buy a purpose made fuel line from hose and pressure hose supplier.
  7. Thanks for all the rotor info and will get into that today. I've emptied the fuel tank and cleaned the filter. The fuel lines are new but I've blown out the fuel line with the compressor and the breather, so all good there.
  8. snowy


    Nice colour combination, and Martini rig.
  9. Ok I'm picking one up from autobahn tomorrow, adjustable timing light that is. so Rey949 did you just swap it out? thanks 72 02 I may end up doing that but haven run out of patience yet, I know the feeling well.
  10. Petronix came with the car. No timing light.
  11. I'm with you on all that extra ,over the years wiring, I've been guilty of it myself! Ok I have fitted remote door locks but I hate fiddling with keys. And , yep you guessed it a retro looking Radio. But in defence it has cd and USB and I have limited it to twin parcel shelf speakers, yes I could of had four but really one has to show restraint. Ok but what I have done is mark the wires with clip on jewellery tags which have the wire description written in English.
  12. Thinking about that drive home and she was missing and backfiring enough to notice. I replaced the plugs Leeds and set the mixture screws and that smoothed everything out. Figuring I'd nailed that problem l left it alone. But I probably have not taken it past 2500 rpm till now. The Petronix is the only non stock other than Leeds. The coil looks to be the original black with brown crown. I'm totally ignorant on this aspect. On inspection it looks to be ok but what should I be looking for?
  13. I have not set the timing. The motor runs clean , no miss until 2500 on the road ,same in lower gear on a hill, then miss, stumble and fall away to below idle, foot off accelerator then returns to idle. Motor at idle ,in neutral, she spins up to 4000rpm then miss , stumble, and fall away to idle. Trying to remember when I drove her home from the PO if she was running ok but I was more concerned about the dodgey brakes and the roadway flashing by under my feet.
  14. The car has been sitting for 4 years but being started and driven up and down the driveway during work. Now pretty much finnished and this!
  15. Poor starting issues, led me to fit the electric pump. Ireconected the original pump aswell for no improvement. So yes you a right the original pump is fine. New leads have been fitted and the right NGK plugs. The confusing thing is it runs really strong to 2500 on the road. Should I be looking at the Petronix distributer?
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