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  1. I received and installed these bulbs today. They are excellent, very bright. They are red, so even if your lenses are faded they show bright red. A set of running light and brake light bubs cost $33.80, with $3.21 shipping to Michigan for a total of $37.01. I have a square tail, but they are also available for roundies, probably at a comparable price. These are the ticket!!!
  2. I just ordered LED light for brakes and running lights. When they get here, I will install them and let you know how they work. Here's the web site: https://www.superbrightleds.com/cat/led-vehicle-replacement-bulbs/
  3. Where in Michigan?  I'm from Torch River (near TC).

    1. CaptJ


      Detroit area so not particularly close sadly.

  4. I'd be interested in the dizzy, if it is still available. Mark Stephens.
  5. I had rust on both front floorboards and the spare tire well on my '76. I just cut the metal out and welded in plate steel to replace all. We used butt joints then ground the seam with a grinding wheel. The replacement metal was then rustproofed. You can't tell where the old metal stops and new metal begins. I had a welder do the work and it costs about $200.
  6. Eerily, my 1976 '02 was purchased from a guy who had taken the car in to have the engine rebuilt. His mechanic finished the rebuild but did not have the engine completely put back together, when he took another customer's car out for a test drive and was t-boned and killed by a driver that ran a stop sign. The mechanic's widow called the '02's owner and said he'd better get the car, because the bank was going to pad lock the place and it would take months to get things sorted out. The guy picked it up and decided he was done with the project and sold the car to me. My uncle ("old fart" on the FAQ) and I spent the past year restoring "Erwin" His rebirth occurred on April 23, 2013. We finished putting the engine back together; replaced floor pans (both were rusted through from a leaking windshield; replaced the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and clutch components; brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers and pads; new starter, alternator, battery and rebuilt carburetor; and repainted the car its original color, Sahara. In addition, we fixed, replaced and/or repaired a host of other things to numerous to count. The interior needs to be redone, but that will have to wait until this winter, since I won't sacrifice the great summer driving weather. We went through a lot to get this car back to running like an '02 should. So if you need some advice or are stuck with a problem, it's probably something folks on the FAQ have dealt with and will be glad to share what we have learned. This is a great resource, do use it. Erwin has rolled over 3,000 mile since firing up and is running better all the time. Good luck with your project, the reward will be driving your wonderful car.
  7. Hello, is anybody home? I see, you are looking. All those '02s in the wonderful Windy City and nobody is interested in a run in Northern Michigan? Remember, I live here. I know twisties and incredible scenery that are perfect for an '02. If you're even slightestly interested, let me know. I just got back from one of my more scenic runs and thought, that would be cool with 10 or eleven '02s taking that run. If all you '02 owners down there aren't interested, that's ok. My last post on this thread, if there is no interest. Although I will be a little disappointed.
  8. Hello all, I recently acquired a 1976, '02 and with the help of my uncle have restored it all with the exception of the interior. That will have to wait for winter, because I am driving this summer. Do you Chicago folks ever take runs up to Northern Michigan? I live up near Traverse City and am looking for some '02 folks to run with. Needless to say, there aren't many '02s up here. The Michigan winters and salt have taken thier toll and since I brought my '02 home from N.C. in April, I haven't seen a one on the roads up here. There are some great twisties here in Northern Michigan and some scenery to match. I would be interested in putting together a run, if some of you folks would like to head North for a long weekend or whatever. Meet Erwin, my 1976, 2002, Sahara. Mark Stephens
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