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  1. I see visions of a turbo build with this car. How scary is that strut tower rust to those here who have dealt with rust issues on them before?
  2. Yeah, sorry about that. Fixed the title to avoid confusion but square or roundie will work. Alas, but a bare shell is going to be too much of a project to take on presently. Like to have something close to complete/road ready as possible as a starting point.
  3. Hi all, Looking for a decent donor 2002 for a potential S14 swap. Have a budget of up to about $10k for the donor. Engine, transmission, differential condition obviously not too important. Though I’d like something as complete and close to running/road worthy as poissble for sake of ease of the swap. No shells, completely disamabled cars, wiring disasters, etc. Go fast parts such as suspension, brakes, seats, harnesses, larger wheels/fenders, etc to cope with the extra power a big plus. The funkier the color the better as well. Not too too worried about fit and finish but again want something as close to complete as possible. No rust buckets and a clean underside is a must. Not interested in both a rustorstion and an engine swap. Im located in South East North Carolina. Willing to travel and/or ship for the right car. My budget is up to about $10k. Square or roundies ok. Budget could be stretched for a good enough car that checks enough of my boxes. Let me know what you got.... Tanks all, Tom
  4. Looking to sell my 1976 2002. Tastefully and heavily modified by the previous owner with virtually all of the period correct go-fast performance goodies. Car is a nice paint job away from being one of the nicest 02s around. $5000 obo. Well north of that figure in parts in this car alone. Also have a set of freshly reupholstered E21 Recaros that are for sale or by included with the car with right offer. Tom 919-360-0383 Location: Wilmington, North Carolina Year: 1976 Make: BMW Model: 2002 Body and Interior: Straight rust free body--Needs paint---- Two tone primer now Crack free dash Kamei front air dam Hella driving lights wired to factory fog lamp switch 325i Recaro front seats Alarm system with el Engine and Drivetrain: 2.0 M10 292 duration camshaft Cyl. head pressure checked and decked re-ringed summer 2012 polyurethane engine mounts Dual Weber 40mm DCOE side draft carbs. Ireland engineering Intake Suspension, Brakes: Suspension: B&G sport variable rate springs. New Bilstien sport shocks ST 22mm front and 19mm Rear adjustable sway bars Polyurethane front suspension bushings. front strut bar Rea
  5. I just purchased a 2002 over the weekend, and it appears that I've finally ridden my body of the worst affliction that can befall somebody without bottomless pockets....the racing bug. For those reasons it probably time to pass on my track car to somebody else. Lots of spares as well; wiring harness, extra four speed transmission, bumpers, an extra burnt out LSD diff, several sets of wheels (may end up keeping some/all of these for the new 02), ect. Also have a set of 45 Weber DCOEs that need to be soaked and rebuilt, a spare parts DCOE, and there may be a progressive Weber in there as well. I'm including a thread that I started here about the car, that have some up to date pics. Also including the original ad from when I purchased the car off of ebay. The car is now is a strong runner since the ebay ad. The only thing that it needs mechanically is a second low volume fuel pump to pull fuel from the other side of the fuel cell when the fuel level starts to get low. Still runs fine without though. I've added a auxiliary electric fan on the radiator without a cutoff switch in the cabin. Also pulled off and replaced a burn out LSD with a well functionally replacement. The car is just a re-welded side bar, and an update harness from being track ready. Could probably use one good track day event before racing in earnest to check for any more bugs. The car only saw limited street usage during my reign of ownership. I'm in Wilmington, North Carolina. At this point I more interested in seeing her go to the 'right' buyer, as opposed to trying to get absolute top dollar for her. The car has an SCCA logbook showing that this car has been racing ITB since the late 80's with many impressive showings. I'd love for somebody to get her back on the track....it wouldn't need much and you'd be hard pressed to find car that's cheaper, as close to being ready, with a proven track record of well sordidness. Let me know if anybody here has any interest....haven't started advertising it anywhere else as of yet as this is the most likely spot to find the type of buyer for the car that I'm after. Feel free to make me some offers. Tanks, Tom Ebay ad: 1979 BMW 320i SCCA ITB/ BMWCCA track car The car is very competitive in its class (SCCA ITB). Came in 1st in its division in 05 and 2nd in 2007 (last year it was tracked). The car is pretty well sorted out but will require a little work before putting on the track again. The main issue is that the two "tank" fuel pumps are acting up and are only working intermittently so will need to be replaced. Other than that, the mechanics are good. The harness is out of date and the roll bar was cut at the driver's door so it will need to have the tubing welded back at that point. Other than those issues, the car will just need to be gone through for safety issues and fine tuning. The car will come with some additional/spare parts. The pictures pretty much show everything. I did forget to include pictures of the stell wheels that come with the car. They currently have a set of rain tires installed. The tread is pretty good but one of them has had the tread chewed up pretty good. I bought the car but have not found the time to take it out and it has just been sitting. I do not have a garage I can store it in and I hate to see it just sit outside so have decided to sell it. It's a great car and given what has been put into the car, it is a steal at the price. DRIVETRAIN 2.0L engine New rebuilt Top End Performance head with "cheater" cam. (Head was installed at the end of the 07 season but car has not been raced since. Have receipt - $900) Top End Performance header Baffled Oil Pan Crane Fireball XR3000 ignition with PS91 coil Oil cooler setup Currently has a 5-speed transmission installed but will come with the original 4 speed trans (ITB class will need the 4 speed) LSD differential SUSPENSION Ground Control Coil Over suspension Ground Control Racing Camber Plates Front strut bar 21mm Front Sway Bar 3 Position Rear Sway Bar / urethane links Urethane Bushings in rear trailing arms BBS Basketweave 6x13 w/ Hoosiers Fuel cell New fuel pump (new at the end of the 07 season. Have receipt - $268) Accusump Full 8 Point Roll Cage (will need a little work) Simpson Seat 6 Point Harnesses (have not checked but it is probably out of date) Quick Release Steering Wheel Full gauge setup Body is pretty good. It is solid but could/will need some paint Comes with the SCCA log books and title. Year: 1977 Make: BMW Model: 320i
  6. Looks like I have my car........ http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1976-BMW-2002-/290958777865?ViewItem&item=290958777865&lgeo=1&vectorid=229466&forcev4exp=true#ht_3982wt_1165 Thanks all!
  7. Thanks for the heads up guys. Actually seen both of those cars on the internet. That isn't a bad price for an M2, but that thing is just too clean for me....and too rich for my blood. I should'a said 'funky factory colors' as opposed to 'funky' colors.... Think Inka, Colorado, Pastelblau, Fjord, Mintgum, Golf, ect.
  8. Just unloaded my 1960 Porsche 356 patina outlaw and am looking to downsize monetarily and upsize funetarily. Hence I'm looking for a hotrod '02. Not huge on fit and finish, but want a solid chassis. Nor am I afraid of a few finishing-up projects here and there. Things that peak my interest and willinginessto pay; 5 speed, Webers, FUNKY colors, headers, motor swaps, FUNKY colors, suspension, brakes, wheels, fender flares, ect......did I say FUNKY colors. Also could have some interest in a fast/fun E21 320/6. Budgeting around +/- $5000 commensurate with the specific car. I'm in south eastern NC, but am not afraid to travel and/or ship. Again not looking for any trailer queens, hopefully my budget has scared all these off, but need a solid chassis at the very least. Let me know if anybody has anything that fits the bill. Thanks, Tom Year: Any Make: BMW Model: 2002, E21 320/6
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