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  1. ADV2002, sorry to hear about your engine. If you haven't addressed the problem yet, I restore 2002's and am in Aliso Viejo, 20 miles from CM. There are two ways to go, buy a rebuilt engine and swap, or rebuild your engine. Does your engine number match your car VIN? If so then you'd likely want to keep your matching numbers 02 and rebuild your engine. If not, you might shop the price of a rebuild vs. having yours rebuilt. I rebuild old vw aircooled engines, however when it comes to an 02 I found one of the best in the business, he is certified BMW mechanic however old enough to have rebuilt numerous M10's (2002 engine) - he started in the 1980's. PM me and I'll give you his number. His fee is around $2800 for a complete rebuild and knows every detail of that engine. He's done several of mine, very honest good guy.
  2. Restoring a 2002 and need the joint covers for the upper trim moulding. If anyone has any available please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Its been a while but finally got the problem. Turned out I needed to replace the fuel line, ran aluminum under car from pump (placed pump under rear seat on skateboard rubber blocks) to engine bay, through fire wall like original plastic line. Air tight now and car starts immediately. Then sold my beloved 72 nevada, someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
  4. Price:: $50 Still for sale as of Jan 12, 2017. SOLD. Location: : Aliso Viejo CA Original German stock e10 2002 muffler, resonator, chrome tip, and tubing for sale, local pickup only. No cracks or holes, has some surface rust which can easily be sanded off and pieces repainted. All worked and sounded like a stock 2002 when it was removed. Recently added a new header and IE exhaust so do not need these. In Aliso Viejo CA, 92656.
  5. Thanks for ideas, car still does the same regardless of setting choke, then not adding gas. Also checked fuel line again, the flow is solid, no bubbles, and consistent at the carb. Mike I think you may be onto the problem, so I'm going to pull my carb this weekend and go from there. My 75 02 has the same configuration as my 72 and it starts on first crank, the only difference is the 75 has a new 32/36. I've been wanting to go to a 38/38 on my 72 so this may be the excuse to finally make that happen. I'll update after I start pulling things apart. My neighbor seems to think its the gasket between the carb and the intake.
  6. Thanks for reply, compression checked a year ago, can't give you rating but it was strong in each cylinder. I can check again this w/e for actual rating. Has tons of power. Choke is a water choke, and has worked flawlessly. I have the same issue whether cold or warmed up, however time between I last run the car and then starting it does make a difference. Checked timing and idle last week and is dead on, runs perfectly (once started). After choke lets off it goes to about 10 and idles steady eddy. Thanks for ideas, please let me know if any more come to mind. I'll check these things again.
  7. Greetings, To begin I found a few posts on this topic [extended crank time] however they are specific to a Tii, and there was no ka-bang solution so I'm hoping someone has dealt with this or has ideas on how to resolve. My car is a 72 with 32/36 weber, electric fuel pump in trunk, electronic ignition, mild cam, IE header and exhaust. Since I bought the car, it takes at least 10 revs to start it, and once started it purrs and runs nicely, excellent idle and acceleration. No stutter whatsoever, runs like a race car. To eliminate duplication, I will list what I've done so far to figure out why my car must crank for a while before starting. 1. Whether cold or hot, it does not matter, it still takes at least 10 revolutions to start. My cold start works perfectly, once started it revs higher and then settles at 10. 2. Seems to be time related, meaning if I haven't started it in longer then say 15 minutes, it will take a while to crank. If I run the car a while then turn it off, and then try to start within about 5 minutes, it starts quicker, in about 2-4 revs. 3. I have tested the fuel pump and even replaced it with a Carter thinking it was related. The pump runs 4 psi and has a strong flow, flows well at the carburetor, stays primed and gas is immediately available at the carb. I have tested this many times. 4. I tuned the car and it runs better than any of the seven previous 02's Ive owned in the past. Very peppy and responsive. Beginning to think the intake is not setup correctly, it acts like gas just dissipates quickly and does not stay in the bowl? Possible? Or there is an issue there or carburetor. Is the air return line necessary when there is an electric setup? Can return line issue cause this problem? My mechanical background says no, and several 02 owners use the steel return line as a fuel supply line, so I am not sure here. Considered this being a distributor or timing issue, but it runs so well and has been timed recently. Valves seem dead on but considered this too. Any help would be greatly appreciated, will owe you a beer next time your in So CA. Thanks.
  8. Good reply Dirk on history and pics - have never seen the 67-68 steering wheel and now I want one for a 2000 I have in a shed (been waiting for its day of sunshine). Leaving out the 74-76 fake wood dash cluster was a good idea, just reminds me of a terrible time when cars started to get really ugly. Last, its not impossible to restore cluster and bezel fine chrome lines, silver, etc. Its all in the prep and paint, or can take it to a good metal finish shop that will dip plastic - many do.
  9. Hi, Do you still have the supersprint exhaust and muffler? Thanks. nevermind, just saw its sold.
  10. Anyone have a used supersprint muffler in good cond? Thanks.
  11. Need a kidney grille complete with slats, some slats, or just the frame is ok - for a 68-73 2002. Good condition preferred. I have good slats if you have a good frame. My grill looked great until I adjusted my hood the other night. Ok, it was the Scotch.
  12. Any chance the center grill is still available? If so, please respond with an email address I may contact you at. I don't Facebook. Thanks.
  13. Hi, thanks, do you want to sell your button? If so can you send along a picture of the button? GB

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