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  1. @Anthony Its going to the track next weekend so I can do 2 novice races with it. I guess I'll pull it out again over the winter and do it. Just don't have time to drill them and safety wire at this point.
  2. If you sent PayPal you need request a refund from the seller. If no response open a case in the resolution centre asap. If ou sent the money as "friend" then your out of luck.... I hope this works out for you guys. Ive gone through this with a seller from this site and managed to get my money back but not without some lost sleep.
  3. Thanks guys. I ended up sending it to a local shop that was able to source serrated bolts. They rebuilt the diff and used loctite. I asked them to leave the rear cover off and we will paint the bolts to see if they move after some races. If they do I'll take out the diff and replace with new drilled bolts and lock wire.
  4. My friend had a rear failure on his 2002 w/LSD at the track recently. I'm looking for the updated serrated ring gear bolts, does anybody know where these can be purchased? Also looking for LSD clutches for a refresh. I'm in Vancouver Canada so localish would be nice but I'll order online if needed.
  5. No affiliation with this one https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cto/6105951044.html
  6. Is there ANY damage on them? Scratches, dents, shipping damage? Do they come with pins?
  7. Post up some pics of the 2 kids that haven't flown fromthe coupe
  8. I would chose wood, I think it flows well with the color of your car and its classy.
  9. Hey Phil,


    You are second in line. I will let you know as soon as I here back from the first guy (@roundel).


    I may have another set that I will part with if interested.......MIke

  10. PM sent, Any pics of it installed to see the fitment?
  11. I can honestly say i don't believe it but I received a refund. I do have a temporary hold on it but still..... I can't believe it. Thanks to all the BMW communities for coming together and not letting somebody get away with this!
  12. It seems like he I just stalling... I'm sure everybody will get this same email.
  13. $150 to pboznik@gmail.com......
  14. So should I be calling so called "Don sr" (505#) to try and get my money back? I'm out $150 u.s ($200 cdn) for the so called purchase of a header. No contact with the seller since I sent the money....
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