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  1. I am down for Ireland to Build me ( begging )an engine next year. I have seen his cars at VARA events since the mid 90'S. Top Shelf company.
  2. vinceg14

    A short video of my 2002

    That was fun to watch.
  3. I drive a truck to work but I am a remodeling contractor so it is a requirement. But, If i did not have to, I would daily what ever is the most fun car I own. I still feel that driving is a rewarding experience. I have had modern sports cars E36M3, Subrau WRX and a one off supercharged Toyota MR2 Spyder. I prefer classic rides like a 240 Z, 2002 or a air cooled 911. Too bring this full circle To drive, wrench and upgrade my car is why I love it so much. Life is short, not perfect do what makes you happy.
  4. Love the blended turbo flares with no air dam but something is different with the shape of the rear flares. They look like the arch is not as high as some rear flares. Anyone know what rear flare was used?
  5. vinceg14

    1600 block - VIN # 1569318

    line bore early 911 engine case
  6. vinceg14

    1600 block - VIN # 1569318

    Ken, (Having a few 1600 blocks myself, plan is to build one out to a ‘performance’ level ... should be a fun experiment (spunky little grocery-getter might be the goal). -KB) Can the 1600 block accept the 2 liter crankshaft or larger pistons? Vince
  7. vinceg14

    What Tyres

    205/60/13 would be what i want too.
  8. vinceg14

    Race weekend at Sonoma Raceway.

    Kick some 510 butt Ken.
  9. vinceg14

    Oil Pumps

    Is the 1600 oil pump the same as the 2002 oil pump?
  10. I would like to buy this from you. I am in Riverside. I can pay in advanced but will not be in the O.C until next Wednesday. 


    Vince 951 823-6416

  11. vinceg14

    Pierre's Kamei replica air dam

  12. The m20 swap still intrigues me for several reasons. 1: fuel injection, motronic, plenty of power. 2: lots of parts support and availability. 3: it is a bmw product What I am not clear on is how the handling characteristics change with the longer engine. I have talked to HDX on the 320 forums about his m20 2002 and he simply used a fiberglass hood and moved the battery to the back. I think a few of you guys go to the track like he does. What spring rates, struts, coil overs and or camber plates ect has been used to make the m20 swap car drive like an m10 car? anyone care to share what they did and the results?
  13. vinceg14

    M20 Swap Pics Thread

    BUMP: anyone else making progress?
  14. I am looking for square tail lights comple assembly for a 75. I will take trades or partial trades at Pomona