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  1. vinceg14

    M20 Swap SoCal

    What is the condition of the m20 ?
  2. vinceg14

    Perfect motor build

    Here is a question and a comment for the expert engine guys. Every time ( I am one of them) someone ask's about more punch / power from the M10 we get the same information back. If your not going to build a race motor and you do not want to spend 10 grand, what single place to spend more on would make a big difference in performance. I do not know and this is my question. Will using light weight 135mm rods, forged pistons,shaving the crankshaft and balancing everything yield a faster revving engine. If your going to only get 135, a quick revving 135 makes sense. Will it even be noticeable? Since I am on this topic Has anyone put an M20 powered car on 4 scale and reveled the true weight distribution of that swap. The M20 has so much going for it in an 2002.
  3. Success is achieved by a series of failures and never giving up. The bigger problem is if you have enough extra coin to work through the unknown. That is what we call "R and D" . I too would like someone else to do it first. Lets who has the fortitude go first then share the info. That is a lot to ask for.
  4. vinceg14

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    I like your car with out it. I agree that air dam can look funky on some cars. Your car's lines are crisp ( what ever that means ) and I think that air dam takes away from your styling. I know you did not ask but I offer up a friendly alternative to spending some money. If I were you my next move would be EFI using the 318 intake and the A.E.M standalone. Vince
  5. vinceg14

    Lynx Manifold + Weber 45 DCOE Setup

    Available ?
  6. vinceg14

    BMW 2002 M20 Swap Kit Engine, Tranny + much more

    Would you consider selling the kit without the trans? Vince
  7. The inner barrel profile was the biggest hurdle. He said that you could probably grind down a some high spots on the calipers to make the wheels fit, but clearance would be extremely tight. He opted to revert back to stock brakes. Inner fenders had to get rolled to stop rubbing. He was initially trying to find a set of 14" NK steelies, but rolled the dice on the 13s. The best advice I can give is either go with 14" steelies. DealinDave, are the 14" steel NK wheels common? I do like the wheel size on the 02. I am not a fan of the e30 bottle caps but the size looks great.
  8. Mark and Dave, Thanks Guys.
  9. This happens to be a few questions about fitment and modifications using front and rear 323i calipers and disk brakes on a 1975 2002 chassis. I do have the front and rear sub frames complete with the arms, hubs, struts ect. I want to use widened e21 13" steel wheels. What modifications do I need to do to the stock 2002 to be able to use these calipers? will it work? Is there an alternative? _red2002withextremerolledfenders.JPG.2346eb5b6f9db467d145727df9323ac7.JPG Thanks
  10. vinceg14

    M20 Swap Pics Thread

    pictures please. motivation and inspiration ( I was able to get my CSB situation sorted out and get the car back on the ground. Feels good to make some forward progress.
  11. I am down for Ireland to Build me ( begging )an engine next year. I have seen his cars at VARA events since the mid 90'S. Top Shelf company.
  12. vinceg14

    A short video of my 2002

    That was fun to watch.
  13. I drive a truck to work but I am a remodeling contractor so it is a requirement. But, If i did not have to, I would daily what ever is the most fun car I own. I still feel that driving is a rewarding experience. I have had modern sports cars E36M3, Subrau WRX and a one off supercharged Toyota MR2 Spyder. I prefer classic rides like a 240 Z, 2002 or a air cooled 911. Too bring this full circle To drive, wrench and upgrade my car is why I love it so much. Life is short, not perfect do what makes you happy.
  14. Love the blended turbo flares with no air dam but something is different with the shape of the rear flares. They look like the arch is not as high as some rear flares. Anyone know what rear flare was used?