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  1. Before I contact IE does anyone have a pair in good condition?

    IE Adjustable Camber Plate Install

    oops sorry, I meant positive caster (not camber) when moving the top point rearwards.

    IE Adjustable Camber Plate Install

    Those CG ones look to have some fixed positive camber as well, thanks for posting.

    IE Adjustable Camber Plate Install

    Thanks for confirming!
  5. I’ve reached out to IE for installation instructions but while I wait for those maybe some answers can be had here. The plates look to be designed off-center in the fore aft (north-south) direction, I assume for a little caster adjustment. For those running these camber plates, what is the preference, rear or front bias?
  6. Thanks for sharing this info! got it, STATIC STATE multiply by these FR and RR ratios, DYNAMIC not so easy to define. The car will be used mostly cruising, the odd spirited driving (not too many twisty roads around here) and eventually a track day here and there. I don't know the exact weight distribution of a 2002 (googleing it) but I agree, sounds like I should have gone with stiffer rears. Once i get a set of sway bars and a track day or two under my belt I will grab some stiffer rears.
  7. Interesting, I hadn't considered leverage, just learned something new. May have to measure the geometry to calculate the effective rate of the spring for a true front to rear rate ratio. The rates were as suggested by Jeff at Ireland Engineering based on what I want the car to do.
  8. Thanks for the responses. Yes this is for a coilover setup up, with bilstein sports front and rear. Springs rates will be for a streetable setup, 300 fronts and 275 rears. Let me look these up, are they shorter? if they are adjustable they may work oka with the bilstein sport rears which I already have.
  9. Anyone know if there are any alternatives to using the bilstein VW rabbit strut inserts? I'll keep looking but seems like the 34-184530 sports seem to be back ordered .
  10. Dual 44mm Mikunis - running 6.5 psi This vintage ad rates it at 210hp
  11. I don't disagree. I don't claim to be a master engine builder, this is my first turbo engine and have learned quite a bit including that the CR is not ideal. Without going too deep into it, there are a multitude of reasons why I didn't use flat or dished pistons. For one the engine came out of a 320i race car with the cartech kit, forged pistons, etc. it didn't seem like a stretch to use the same pistons. The dome is not very pronounced and was hoping a thicker gasket would give me the CR i was after. Today I measure 8.5 to 1 ratio, left quench areas to help combustion/swirl and seems to work fine for now. You're right however, I will build another bottom end in the future with the proper pistons.
  12. condescending post! is this typical of you @Preyupy ? This is a blowthru system therefore no knock sensor. It is on MSD boost timing control with a timing retard knob. My comment above was in comparison to how it was running before. Granted that my hearing is very good I may not be catching every uncontrolled ignition event. The car runs at 6.5psi, i cranked it to 8psi to see if I could get it to give me an audible knock, nothing yet on 94 octane pump fuel. Effective compression ratio at 8psi is about 12 to 1, i'll bring it down to 6.5psi and just drive it.
  13. Never posted an update on this. Ended up using a 1.4mm thick MLS headgasket. Reshaped the combustion chamber slightly to remove some volume by removing a sliver of material around the exhaust valve. Motor is running great at 8psi of boost with no pre-ignition.
  14. More pictures please, I believe this is the best 16" set up yet. How wide are the tires? looks pretty square on a 9" wide rim!