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  1. By the way, thanks to Chris' keen eye, my ballast resistor is no longer part of the circuit with my blue coil. The resistor is still attached to the fender for the correct factory look, but the wire leads aren't connected. I suspect I never noticed this original owner modification before because my Pertronix electronic ignition was able to deal better with the reduced spark than points would have. -Gary
  2. Thanks @HBChris. Here is a reverse angle shot of my coil and ballast resistor setup. My car seems to run and drive fine in the two years I've owned it regarding ignition, but if there are improvements to be had, I'm all for it. Do I just want to jumper the leads to the ballast resistor together to bypass it, or is there a bit more to it than that? Let me know if more pics are needed to determine that. Thanks, Gary
  3. Here's a better shot of the steering wheel. I've done quite a bit to the interior since the pic including replacing the ugly door speakers with something more period appropriate, replacing the modern CD player with a period Blaupunkt, and replacing the worn tan Coco mats with new red/black, replacing the worn clutch and brake pedal covers, adding the missing e-brake grip, and replacing both seat bases. Both are actually mismatched embossing and they didn't match each other either. You can see the cracks on the dash, but it's more spendy to replace or fix that than I can justify at this point. Replacing the dingy carpets I think will make a huge difference now that the upholstery is squared away.
  4. Yes, it's a 1971 model year built on October 22, 1970 based on info from BMW. The chassis is #1677187. I like the pre-71 styling features inside and out vs. the Model '71 so that was one of the reasons I jumped on this in addition to it not being rusty and being kept largely original vs. most of them. The original owner bought it in Boise when he was 25 and sold it to me when he was 71, still in Boise. My first 2002 was a late 1971 so it was the facelift model of course. This Granada one also has the original "ti" sport steering wheel, which is cool to have. The original owner put a leather cover over it, now quite patina'd itself, and I've never taken it off. I assume he put it on because the original, which I believe is a "pleather" is showing wear. I've turned this into a 3-season nice weather driver that I drive to work on a daily basis--I live in an area without much heavy commute traffic making that more reasonable.
  5. Thanks Chris. The original owner of my '02 at some point installed a Pertronix ignition. Does that make a difference? I assume you are talking about the white plastic cased component that is clipped to the fender? Can I just unplug it even with Pertronix and will that improve drivability in some way even with Pertronix?
  6. Thanks Steve. Here's a couple more pics. You can see a little split in my seat back along a pleat, but that doesn't bother me like having the embossing of a VW Beetle seat for my driver's seat base (not that I don't love VW bugs), which you can see in the very first post in this thread if you click on the pic to enlarge. Next, it's on to the carpet (see wear next to gas pedal) as the culmination of my interior work (living with the 3 cracks on the dash for now) and at least the FAQ board is fortunate to have a great source for those with Esty.
  7. To close out this thread, this weekend I finally got correct basketweave driver's seat base vinyl installed on my '02! Below are a couple pics of the finished product. Thanks especially to Bruce @m-tuner for supplying the driver's seat base vinyl piece that let me finish off the work on all my seats front and back. Original driver's seat base vinyl is definitely hard to source, several months in my case, when you need the whole piece rather than sewing in new basketweave vinyl in the center section. Thanks, Gary
  8. I wanted to circle back on this thread as this weekend I finally got the correct basketweave driver's seat base vinyl installed on my '02! Below is the pic of the final result. So it took re-purposing a passenger seat base spring frame to turn it into a driver's spring frame, finding a good used horsehair pad (thanks @Guy Cocquyt), and then finding a good original vinyl upholstery piece (thanks @m-tuner). I've now got correct and very nice basketweave on all my seats front and back (thanks also to @jerryasi for the passenger seat and to @JordanBbradley for the rear seat vinyl). Looking at my list of people to thank and then at least that number I was communicating with, but ultimately didn't have what I was looking for, I realize what a big undertaking this was. Original driver's seat base vinyl is definitely the hardest to source, several months in my case, when you need the whole piece rather than sewing in new basketweave in the center section. Thanks as well to those who provided advice in this thread. I did contact GAHH and got a basketweave sample by mail. If I was re-doing my full interior, it would definitely be the way to go. But, even though they use the correct basketweave embossing, it would stand out more than I wanted to just replace the driver's seat base vinyl on my otherwise original interior. Their embossing is deeper and more defined than factory original--too good if that makes sense. I've used GAHH for some replacement E30 upholstery though and you definitely get what you pay for with their work. Thanks, Gary
  9. Here's a well-deserved thread bump and a pic of these dust caps on my Granada early '71. Thanks Brett! -Gary
  10. Got mine on as well. I think you nailed it Brett as far as the fit. They slip on with just the right amount of force so you know it's a proper seal, but also will come off if needed. This is the first 3-D printed item I've had and that alone made it worthwhile. Thanks again Brett for a really cool product and getting them shipped out quickly. -Gary
  11. It's per pair and $35 total with shipping within the continental U.S. I was order #9 when I got in line by making the payment on Monday morning and it appears there have been a few more orders since. The final product looks great Brett. -Gary
  12. Great work Brett solving two problems at once--fit of dust caps with modern struts and original black being NLA! I have a crack in one of my original black caps on my early '71 and have held off on doing anything about it for both of these reasons. PM incoming to pick up a pair. Thanks, Gary
  13. Still hoping to find something. Thanks!
  14. Hi Bruce, please pull from your parts store a driver's seat base with good vinyl (don't worry much if there are cracks in the embossed center section, but I would pay extra if I don't need an upholstery shop to sew in good embossed vinyl that I have) for the smooth portions and the piping. Take a few pictures of this from different angles and let me know what you'd like to get for it and whether you are willing to just sell and ship the vinyl cover rather than the full seat base. I'm really trying to wrap up my interior restoration work and this is the last remaining item at this point. Thanks, Gary
  15. Bruce, after studying your pictures more closely, I suspect you have two passenger seat bases and no driver seat bases. It is not surprising in that passenger seat survive in much better condition over decades. Yours look identical in terms of what side extends out furthest where they should be mirror images if you have both a driver and passenger seat base. Thanks, Gary
  16. Thanks Bruce. I have PM'd you regarding details. -Gary
  17. Thanks Steve. Yep, LB72 and I figured out his wouldn't work for me. I'm not as much concerned about the embossed center section because I have good original basketweave that I can have sewn in. But, his are the later seats that aren't as wide (the top of the seat base doesn't extend as far towards the parking brake handle) so it just won't fit over an early seat frame and cushion. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to find used black vinyl driver's seat upholstery, but it's proven to be a real pain to source. -Gary
  18. Bump since I'm still looking as even getting info from GAHH on what they sell has been difficult. Hoping someone has something that's the proper early black driver's seat vinyl. Thanks, Gary
  19. Thanks Bruce. I just PM'd you for more information. -Gary
  20. Final bump before giving up on used original. Amazing how hard it is to find driver's seat base upholstery.
  21. Thanks for the definitive answer Jim and Nick! I have my weekend project then.
  22. Can someone tell me how to safely remove the metal ashtray receptacle on the rear side interior panel? See picture below for what I'm referring to. It's easy to get out the ashtray itself as was done prior to this picture. I'm trying to get to the 5.5mm nut that holds on the rear quarter panel belt line trim. Other posts indicated this was easier than removing the rear seat and then the entire rear side interior panel. Oddly, I've searched and didn't find a single post related to popping out this ashtray receptacle. This is for a pre-71 2002. Are there strategic places to insert a thin blade screwdriver or ?? I don't want to mess up my really nice original panels so if this is a tricky job, I'll do the full panel removal. Thanks, Gary
  23. I will take these. Pm'd. -Gary
  24. Thanks Louis. It's amazing how many equate 4 doors with stodgy even in the Alfa community. From my direct experience, these Giulia sedans are just as sporty in terms of the driving experience as a GTV, Spider, or our beloved 2002. A claim otherwise is really more about the attitude of the driver (e.g., their impression of the styling) than an objective statement. I won't go into which is "more sporty", Giulia vs. 2002, to avoid starting an unnecessary debate, but there is both a lot of overlap as well as areas where each can claim superiority over the other. There is also a natural impression by those in the 2002 community who don't have direct experience with the Giulia to think the Alfa is a bigger, heavier car. Really, they are very close in dimensions and weight and any difference in the driving experience is unrelated to those attributes. I'd equate a Giulia with a 2002 as far as direct competitors other than the obvious difference regarding the number of doors. The follow-up Alfa Berlina though is more in the BMW NK sedan category for size, weight, and feel. Alfa intended for the Berlina to replace the Giulia, which it did in the U.S. But in Europe the Giulia was so beloved that they produced them side by side for many years. -Gary

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