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  1. That's awesome news! Do you have any photos you could share ? [email protected]
  2. Hi there .. would you be willing to sell the front clip ? Meaning taking a sawsall to the front part of the car that holds the grill in .. thank you
  3. would really like to buy the nose...is that available? and do you have any photos of the car? [email protected]
  4. Hi everyone...so my car is finally coming together but I am desperately looking for a front nose....thanks so much Tim- [email protected] 9172923006
  5. I am in Los angeles.

    Will not ship.

    More then welcome to set up atime and inspect.


  6. Hey guys .. Finally getting around to finishing this crazy project of mine and am in need of a new nose .. Let me know and I can PayPal you cash today thank you !!
  7. Hi guys...I've been building my race/street 2002 what seems like forever and am finally getting around to welding up the last bits on her. what I need now is a cleanish nose...I can deal with some cosmetic problems but mainly intact is what I need...thank you!! Love my fellow 2002ers!! ps I'm located in Brooklyn NY
  8. awesome! I'm in NYC 11206 how much for the nose? thank you!!
  9. Hi guys and gals...I'm in need of a front nose clip in whatever state..my nose fell into some bad shape and I need a new one...thank you Sincerely Tim Harney
  10. I there ... are you willing to sell the front clip? thank you! Sincerely Tim Harney
  11. hi is this nose still available? thanks so much Tim-
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