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  1. I've had some back and forth with the ca dmv looks like the situation is similar with Michigan where they're gonna charge hourly.
  2. The presence of fluid coming out of the front brakes is a good indication the the master cylinder is just okay. Sounds like you gotta keep pumping. It takes a while for fluid to run from the fluid reservoir in the front to the rear brakes. EDIT: Is the fluid level going down as your pumping and waiting for excess fluid to escape the back brakes?
  3. An update on California's I found a pretty promising lead on where to put in my request: dmv bulk request. I wrote up an email and sent it.
  4. I'll request California's. This is gonna be a fun rabbit hole.
  5. When I test fitted a set of 15x7 et25 the barrels were pretty close to the shocks in the rear and struts in the front. I’d imagine you’ll have to run spacers and do some fender rolling with et35.
  6. This was a couple weeks back but I test fitted RS001s. The rims got sent to a three piece rim manufacturer and they're being relipped for an 8" width. This project has to go on hold for me since school is starting again, I'll pick it back up in the winter.
  7. Inventory manager for a set of restaurants and I’m a sophomore on my chemical engineering degree.
  8. When the 8mm bolt is installed I can still remove the cable. Is this normal? it seated as far as the picture in this post
  9. Nvm, battery has been relocated to trunk and the negative line was going through the hole for the Speedo
  10. Apologies if this has been answered before but my google-fu is not strong enough to find the answer to this question. Where does the Speedo cable penetrate the firewall? Do I have wiring harness going through a hole that it shouldn’t? And do I need to remove this thing that’s in the transmission to install the cable or can I just jam it in there?
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