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  1. I'm changing a throttle linkage to a cable setup with a redline kit form ie. Still figuring out how to sync the carbs but I'm sure I'll get it tomorrow.
  2. Here's my dad when he got his 2002, he looks so proud of it 😎.
  3. Krynvel


  4. Krynvel


    1975 BMW 2002
  5. It's been a while since I've posted but I'm back and working on the old girl. Finished the headliner, horn, passenger window, and quarter window installation. Took some pictures of what's under the car. Sorry to everyone asking for updates. This project had taken a backseat and I've recently picked it back up. Bonus pic of my dd and the bimmer in the background.
  6. I was following http://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/sunroof.htm and got the sunroof in, but it only opens 1/3rd of the way. Any clues as too why?
  7. Thank you guys for the warm welcome! A blog is on the todo list but when I have the spare time to uncover the whole story behind this car. The look on his face when shes running would be priceless And thank you for pointing me in the right direction this site has proved itself invaluable more than once, maybe one day I'll know enough about the car to contribute back to the community
  8. Looking around the site, and there's alot of information to learn! Hope the hospitality is as good as the write ups . A little about my 02 It's a 1975 BMW 2002 VIN 2361432 square tail lights original color golf here she is about 20 years ago, my dad's first car in the Americas. engine Fast forward about 10 years she's getting prepped for paint After the the shop did its work and may not be noticeable in the pictures but fiberglass box style fenders were installed As a kid I didn't have much memories of the 02 other than it being under a car cover, but fast forward 9 years, one bored day in a garage, and 10 megapixels later... And I thought I didn't believe in love at first sight. after a brief look around, several conversations with my dad we both agreed on it was time to finish the 20(ish) year old project. Here's a pic of the 02' about a week ago: Got the black headliner and the white headliners installed Now unfortunately my dad has aged, although he has kept his memory well, there are bits of the car that are unknown mainly the motor. Yellowed receipts could answer my questions, but before I go diving in a place equal to hell with organization, I'm hoping you guys can. Quick glances -the carburetors appear to be weber 40 DCOE but correct me if need be -the car appears to be desmogged, and the valve cover breather is just a hole, is this a concern? -MSD ignition, distributors, and coils! I'm clueless on this part, Has anyone here ran a m10 with msd? Or any experience with MSD? -My dad mentioned he changed the cams to match the tii's 9:5:1 compression ratio, but not sure what cams they are, could they just be tii cams? Thank you for your time, and hope to see all of you on the road one day!
  9. Turning 18 this fall, cars 38; 2nd generation to own it ~20 years ago ~10 years ago Present
  10. 1. 1996 Nissan Maxima 2. 2001 Ford Mustang 3. 1998 Toyota Camry, still own 4. 1974 BMW 2002, inherited then found this forum
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