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  1. Tii manifold still available?
  2. I still have it. I have the valve train as well, but everything will need a good blasting to clean it up. Not sure what work has been done to the head (if any). I got it used from a machine shop. It was from a spare motor someone left there and didn’t pick up or something.
  3. I find myself often following the same rules. Nothing's come loose yet (when it isn't supposed to; and sometimes when I want it to lol). Yes, torque wrench always for critical items. My dad bought me two good click-type torque wrenches for Christmas - one small, and one standard "large" size. Definitely my most-used gifts. The digital ones are cool, but feeling that "click" when grunting "big torque" to myself while tightening flywheel bolts and the crank pulley nut, and hoping my diy flywheel stop holds in place is very satisfying and relieving.
  4. For when you don’t know exactly how tight, but you know you don’t want that piece falling off. My favorite torque value.
  5. That surely wasn’t a waste of my time. Now I’ve got that page bookmarked for future use. Thanks Paul!
  6. Just double-checked, and they aren’t listed in there.
  7. Looking for the torque value for the 4 small 10mm bolts on the crank pulley that hold it together. Could’ve sworn I browsed past it in a topic the other day, and now can’t find it. I’m guessing it’s the 10nM value associated with hardware of that size/grade, but double-checking. TIA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Pierre, Sorry for the delay. Wife had our second at the beginning of the month, and I got behind. Still available. Will quote today. Thanks for the patience! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Wish I had the space/money for a serious press. Picked it up this morning. Machine shop said they had to cut it off, and that they hadn’t seen one that stuck in a while, and that the gear seemed pretty robust. Money well spent in my opinion. Glad I didn’t press on myself and booger up the crank.
  10. I don’t. These were in a parts lot I picked up a few months back. You could always re-key them or have keys made to match.
  11. Does $45 shipped sound fair? I don’t know what year they’re for, but to my knowledge door handles didn’t change through the years.
  12. If you're still looking, I have a pair of door handles for sale.
  13. Thanks for the tips. Decided to take it to a shop to deal with. I've found that when I resort to heat, a BFH, and cutting tools, I inadvertently create more problems for myself lol. They're going to install the new one while they have it.
  14. Trying to remove and replace the crank gear while the motor is out. Have a three jaw puller, and this gear is super on there. So stuck, that it bent one of the gear teeth. Any tricks to get this sucker off? Time to take it to a pro?
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