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  1. I have a couple of BMW 02s, but recently picked up a 1969 Volvo 142s. A new pair of rear mud flaps cost $28. Just saying.
  2. My original California '74 2002 is MEG. I had a '76 Plymouth with P as the first letter. Smaller rural DMV offices, issued earlier letters on later cars. Less plates were issued, so earlier plates sat around waiting to be assigned to new cars. I owned a '73 sport bug that had ZDF plate. I figured that the car came from another state, or the earlier plates were damaged or stolen, in 1979.
  3. If you have one left, I'll take it.
  4. I want one of your five speed brackets. Greg, text me @ 510-323-5876
  5. I need the Recaro star knob cover, how does $25+ shipping sound to you?
  6. pm sent for spare tire tub, and rear floor pans.
  7. Get clean cotton clothes line rope shove it down a spark plug hole on the compression stroke. It will stop the crank from turning, then give your breaker bar a good pull. Back the crank up and pull the rope out. I've also used a plug wire at a wrecking yard when rope wasn't available.
  8. Thanks for the info so far, I tried to do a search and only came up with the 5 speed and brakes. I wondered if someone had a complete list that could be pulled up with ease, unlike using the search which was a hit or miss proposition for me.
  9. I have this car that was owned by an older German man that sold Mercedes Benz cars for a living, he died in 2000. It has 157k miles and sitting for 17 years. I don't think it would be worth fixing it up as a driver as the interior is in bad shape from a leaking sunroof. i'm saving the 5 speed, drive shaft, rear end, and turbine wheels for my '74 2002. Can any BMW experts tell what other parts I should save to swap onto a 2002, before parting out the rest of the car? TIA
  10. I would like to come and see the cars that you have to sell. I'm will be coming from west coco county.
  11. For a title contact the DMV gal in Grass Valley ca. she will get you a title for $150. Don't part out a Tii, use a base 2002 for parts.

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