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  1. Anyone out there with a Nardi steering wheel? What size wheel do you have? I recently purchased a 360mm (14.1732") Nardi wheel, but feel as though it may be too small. I'm thinking about returning it for the 390mm (15.3543") wheel, as its much closer is size to the stock wheel on my 1975 2002, which I believe is larger than 400mm. Any input on which size is more common in 2002's, or why one might be preferable, other than a better turning radius with a smaller wheel? It's hard to tell without mounting and test driving. Thanks! Ross
  2. Thanks all. I ended up getting the Yakima 1A rack. Here's a picture of the setup. Sorry, not the best picture.
  3. Do you know the model name of the THULE rack you have? Thanks.
  4. Im looking to put a roof rack on my 75' 02 so that I can roof my surfboard(s). I found this online but Im not totally sure it will fit. http://www.etrailer.com/Roof-Rack/SportRack/A21001S.html Ideally I'd like something similar to that that can easily come off the car. Definitely not looking for something that requires any permanent installation. Any suggestions? 02 surfers on this forum - what do you use? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the advice and support. Honestly, I have never been much of a car person other than always really liking 02's, specifically this one, and a few other old cars. I don't know much detail about the mechanical aspects of cars so I will definitely be learning as I go along. The most important thing to me is keeping the car as original as possible, without getting too serious about things. Luckily the original owner of the car took very good care of it. He had seat covers on the two front seats ever since he purchased the car so they look brand new. The back seat is almost matching because I dont think many people ever sat back there and the car was garaged most of its life so there isnt much interior damage from sun. I remember the wood surrounding the stereo column needing a cleaning. I dont believe the stereo is the original one that came with the car but looks matching to the time period. He put in a cassette/am/fm stereo a year or two after buying the car. Mechanically the car works great. The paint is original and looks awesome. The only real problem is rust, two areas specifically; one beneath the drivers side turn signal light (see pic) which is a whole smaller than a penny, and the other on the bottom of the passenger door. I don't plan of fixing them right away, but would rather not wait too long. I just dont really know exactly what kind depth it would entail. Anyways, enough rambling. I will post more photos when I pick up the car from the mechanic. Very excited.
  6. I meant the oil pan. There is a minor leak.
  7. Weeks ago I made my first post to this forum asking for advice on the price of a 75' 2002 I was looking to buy from a close friend of my father. I didn't know much about 02's although it has been one of my favorite cars after first seeing this one when I was 16 in his garage. After reading forum feedback and doing research on other 02's I was able to estimate what the car was actually worth and prove to the seller that his asking price was in fact too high. Luckily he was understanding and agreed to lower the price of the car to a very reasonable number. I am happy to say that I am the new owner of this beauty. The car is currently at the mechanic getting some minor tune-ups to the oil tank and carburetor. Will post more pictures when I pick the car up in a week or so. Thanks to all for the feedback to my first post.
  8. Hi all, I am looking into a car being sold in Jacksonville, Florida. I live in New York and was wondering if there is anyone on here who can recommend a mechanic familiar with old cars/02's in the Jacksonville area. Even better, if anyone on this forum living in the area could go view the car personally. I don't feel comfortable purchasing a vehicle without knowing its true condition. Private message me or reply. Thank you! Ross
  9. Thanks everyone for all your great feedback. I'm hoping I can talk some sense into the seller and provide proof that other cars in similar condition are selling for much less. I'm going to try to find some current or past sales of 75's on eBay or any other site anyone would recommend. Like I mentioned, I have been drooling over this particular car for so long, it would awesome to drive it home. Fingers crossed but unfortunately at the price he's asking now it won't happen. Thanks again.
  10. I havent yet seen the rust under the car but like I said, there are some spots on the exterior and bumper. It is an east coast car and I think the owner is having some trouble letting it go thus placing a high price on it. What do you think would be a more reasonable price? Thanks again.
  11. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I was hoping that some of you might be able to give your opinions on a 2002 I am currently considering purchasing. I have had my eye on this particular 2002 since I was 15 years old (25 now). The owner of the car is a close friend of my fathers and through out the years my father and I have tried to convince him to sell us the car. He would usually laugh it off and tell us he'd never sell it. I was shocked when he gave me a call a few weeks ago telling me that he is ready to sell us the car, but for the "right price". I think he has settled on $13,000. I am worried that his asking price might be a bit too high, but I guess these cars are really worth whatever seller is asking and the buyer is willing to pay. He is the original owner of the car and bought it new in 1975. It has a green exterior with a black interior. The engine in the car is not original. The story is a bit confusing to me but apparently there was some kind of pollution issue with that years engine so he had a newer one put in a few years later. It has approximately 80,000 miles on it. Other than that, all the parts on the car are original. It has been garaged for most of its life and hasn't seen much use in the past 8 or so years. I had it taken to a nearby mechanic to have him inspect the entire car. There are some very minor leaks under the hood, I think in the radiator and in the oil tank. There is rust, some small spots which are visible on the exterior and bumpers, but mostly underneath the car. I dont think its very bad, but the mechanic did say it would have to be taken care of within the next year. He said other than the rust problem, and having to replace the battery, everything else is in pretty good condition. The interior is in good condition and everything seems to be working inside. I am waiting for an estimate from a body specialist as to how much it will cost to repair the rust. Although its not a detailed picture, I have attached one in this post. Since I am new to the world of 2002's, any input would be greatly appreciated. Are there any particular colors for this years model that make them more or less valuable? Do you think $13,000 is too high, too low, just right? I am excited to be a part of the forum and to hopefully be the owner of my favorite car. Thanks, Ross
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