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  1. After 26 years of sitting by the PO it's now running again. Now for brakes. IMG_9252.MOV IMG_9260.MOV
  2. Wondering if powder coating the vintage Cosmic Mark 1 wheels on the new '68 1600 project would be a good way to go. Not sure how well they will clean up/look/hold up with just bead blasting. Wheels have definitely weathered since it was sitting outside, not just the last 26 years when not driven but at least for all but 1 year of it's life. Wheels were put on by the 1st owner who had it for only 1 year. Has anyone had their Cosmics powder coated? I know Les Schwab will PC wheels for a very reasonable price. You don't even have to clean them up, they do that too.
  3. We go through SJ every time we go see our kids and grandkids in SLO county. If I don't find some local before then I'll hit you up next trip, should be less than a month. T
  4. Maybe one of the Cosmic experts that already provided great info in this thread has the answer to Cosmic wheels and use of tubes or not?
  5. Sounds like magnesium would not really be a good thing to have. I will weigh them as I need to replace at least 2 of the tires that had sidewalls rotted so bad that when airing them up the tubes started protruding out until one of them popped. Hoping to find some cheap, like free, old/worn out tires that will at least hold air to roll it around on. So speaking of tubes. Is that normal to have tube tires? Is it because of the alloy rims? My '74 with original steel wheels is no tubes.
  6. Were any of the Cosmics Magnesium? The seller kept telling me that the original owner who only owned the car for 1 year put on "magnesium wheels". He said the OO put them on because he used the car for some kind of racing and after 1 year bought an 02 for the bigger engine. The seller was a high school physics & chemistry teacher and was a state teacher of the year so I know he knows his periodic table but can only go by what the OO told him.
  7. Hi Manuel, What's your location? I'm in Santa Rosa. Ted
  8. Need at least 2 (4 would be great) 13" tires to be able to roll the new '68 1600 project around. Don't care how worn or old they are just need to hold air and bead not rip out when mounting. 2 tires had sidewall rot bad enough that the tore open and the tubes bulged out and one even popped.
  9. Rocco, Even closer is we drove through Aptos on the 1 last week bringing it home to Nor-Cal from Atascadero.
  10. 1965GTFB


    Manufactured date of December 14, 1967 has been estimated. Neither that date nor the original color, bristol, have yet been verified by BMW Group Archives. This car has been discussed, and photographs shown, in the following thread:
  11. Just picked up a 1968 1600/1602. Have had a '74 02 for over 10 years now. Found this near my son's house and the owner was looking to sell. I bought it from the 2nd owner who bought it in 1969. Driven daily until 1995 then parked still in running condition and covered outdoors on jack stands that settled into the ground. Original California black plate car, 4 speed, single/2 piston front discs, Bristol color, sunroof, no accidents. Some rust in door corners, a little rust in rockers, the rest look good but have not been over it with a fine tooth comb yet, Interior showing wear with some rips and dirty headliner. Glass all good. No sign of critters inside or under hood, I think thanks to the neighborhood cats. PO said the diff was changed to a short neck. DS rear tire popped when airing up so spare used to move. Seller re-chromed the bumpers back when every town had a chrome shop. Has 13x5.5 COSMIC wheels that the 1st owner installed. Seller said they are magnesium. Can anyone clue me in on these wheels? Time to start learning about these older Roundies. New Info, new pics: VIN: 1561924
  12. I'll be looking at a not running '68 1602 soon and plan to turn the engine over by hand. What size socket do I need to make sure I take with me to fit the crank bolt? Any other tips like make sure you have an extension, u-joint, etc. I know taking the plugs out will help too.
  13. 1974 with Weber 32/36 5 speed. Have had the car for several years, always started great when cold and ran great, including a 3,000 mile trip last summer. Now runs very rough(bad misfire) when cold. If not on high idle will stall. If trying to drive it, it must be kept at about 3,000 rpms or more to not misfire and buck hard like a horse. #whiplash Need to stay in 3rd gear at about 35+ mph to be drivable. Once warm runs well and can chug around in 4th gear at 25 mph with no misfire and bucking. Choke seems to be set right. Plugs are good. New plug wires(especially after noticing one touching a coil lead and showing some arching residue) New fuel filter, fuel pump and lines under the hood(lots of fuel in filter, more then before pump change). Checked for vacuum leaks at carb base and intake to head with stethoscope, could not hear any. Any thoughts on what to check next?
  14. Steering box on my '74 is worn out. No more adjusting will help. What is the best source for(in preferred order and maybe wishful thinking) 1. a new box 2. quality rebuilt box 3. quality parts to rebuild my box Thanks
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