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  1. max210

    Rear Bilstein Hd's

    do you have any idea how many miles they have on them? Are they leaking?
  2. I remember someone here had posted a link to nissan forum showing the tear down and rebuild of the 32/36. You might want to search a bit more.
  3. I got the exact same thing.
  4. I need at least one unbroken door lock cylinder or door handle with a door lock cylinder. Let me know what you got I'm in OC, CA.
  5. nice editing work and that black on red looks sweet.
  6. max210

    Wtb Door Handle Or Cylinder Lock

    got the handle today, thanks!
  7. max210

    Wtb Door Handle Or Cylinder Lock

    Thank you!
  8. max210

    Wtb Door Handle Or Cylinder Lock

    $25 shipped, does it have an unbroken tumbler? key is not necessary.
  9. max210

    Wtb Door Handle Or Cylinder Lock

    Someone has to have a door handle laying around...
  10. max210

    Wtb Door Handle Or Cylinder Lock

    A door handle would also suffice. I am located in Orange County, CA, I can pickup if local.
  11. I need to replace the cap and rotor but I am having some trouble finding the correct one. My dizzy has this stamped on it 0231115081 JFUR 4. The dizzy has the male tab with a female recess in cap. This is in my 1972 2002 but it has a E21 head so I don't know if the distributor was swapped as well. A bosch part number or any help is appreciated.
  12. Agreed! Theres nothing under the cap, I didn't check the rotor. I'll check. The Outie (male) caps I've looked up have this half round notch in them, mine doesn't.
  13. I'm looking for a pair of fully functional E21 recaros, preferably in need of reupholstery. Tears or pieces of foam missing is ok. Don't care if they are leather or cloth. I'm in SoCal but we can work out shipping if needed. You can also point me to a wrecking yard in SoCal that has them. Thanks. PM me here or email me
  14. max210

    E21 Recaros, Preferrably Worn Out

    bump. Still looking.
  15. I'm am noob when it comes to 02s andI'm looking to reupholster some Recaros in the same color as my current interior. Question is what color is it? I think it's Saddle Brown but it would be great if the experts here would ID it correctly. Thanks.
  16. Just to add this *is* a 72 Malaga
  17. Thank you! So when I go to aardvarc racing I don't see tobacco. Tobacco = saddle?
  18. Sorry to hear about your accident on your beautiful 02. Since she lied is that considered insurance fraud?
  19. So I'm a bit confused about mounting E21 recaros in the 02. I've found a few seats for sale but a majority of them say they don't have the brackets/rails/sliders. Brackets, rails and sliders meaning the same thing? For those seats that lack the brackets/rails/sliders, can I just reuse the ones from my 02 without modifying anything or buying anything else?
  20. So there is no way to mount the seats without the E21 brackets? What do the rest of the folks do?
  21. max210

    Pair Of License Plate Lights

  22. I need the chrome housing with the internals, working. Preferably used, not looking to new prices. I'm in Orange County, CA send me a PM here.
  23. Thanks for the tip. Neither of those seem to match what I have.