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  1. ^my dad has both at his house. I'll give it a shot, it doesn't look like something you can mess up like painting a car. I found this picture on the net, i'm actually considering matching it to the carpet.
  2. Thanks for all your info everybody. I'll do some research on those dyes.
  3. I'm sitting in an upholstery shop as I type. I'm looking through the GAHH catalog and it seems that MB tex saddle and saffron match pretty close. From searching it was mentioned Mahogany is close but looks too red for me. I have an original tobacco door card with me. Any input on those colors, MB saddle, saffron, mohogany?
  4. Hey Robert, that sounds good. I think I can make it.
  5. where are you located? do you have pictures of the carpet? thanks.
  6. max210

    Fs: Hoshino Impul /rare Jdm/

    Those have an interesting look. Do you have a picture of them mounted on a 2002?
  7. max210

    Anybody Seen A Delorean Today?

    I hate to be the one but thats not the real date. Every year that picture circulates the internet with a photoshopped date.
  8. Apparently austinmf had some troubles with the "handling" part of shipping and handling. The part delivered today, 37 days after paying.
  9. max210

    Getrag 240 Transmission And Driveshaft

    Michael sorry for calling you a thief. Apparently austinmf had some troubles with the "handling" part of shipping and handling. The part delivered today, 37 days after paying.
  10. max210

    Getrag 240 Transmission And Driveshaft

    Michael, it's been more than a month since I paid for my part and still haven't received anything. You told me it shipped, can't find the tracking number... you seem like an established person on these forums, so whats up?
  11. max210

    Getrag 240 Transmission And Driveshaft

    I still havent received the steering wheel. It's been more than a week now that you said you shipped. ??
  12. Looking for a set of bottlecaps or basketweaves. The basketweaves with the caps included. Please include a picture. I'm in Orange County but I can pick them up anywhere in SoCal. Let me know.
  13. max210

    Orange County Group

    The gf and I had fun, it was nice meeting everybody. You guys have very nice rides, very impressive and inspiring. Thanks for setting it up Robert.
  14. max210

    Orange County Group

    If I can get my diff in this weekend I'll go.
  15. max210

    Friday Photos

    I wanted to say thanks again for the things you fixed on my car. I'm especially happy with the shifter rebuild, feels very solid now. I recommend Ken if anyone in the SoCal area is looking to get some work done on their 02. Very cool guy with some very cool cars at his shop. I hope you don't mind me posting this. My car on your lift. -Max
  16. I was looking for 14" wheels, I should've mentioned that in my OP.
  17. max210

    Wtb 3.64 Stock Diff

    I'm looking for a 3.64 stock diff. Preferably local to LA or Orange county area so I can pick it up.
  18. I also bought calipers and Bilstein HDs through them. The shocks were actually a bit cheaper than online vendors when on sale and no shipping charges. Best thing is not having to ship stuff back and forth incase I have to use the lifetime warranty, and it's recorded in their computer. I wouldn't put their pads on my car though.
  19. max210

    Orange County Group

    Great suggestion, do you guys like craft beer? There's quite a few breweries around. I've included the Sunday hours and a google maps link in the list below. 1. The Bruery in Placentia. They have excellent beers. I'm not sure about day time but it gets pretty crowded in the evenings. At Orangethorpe and 57. 12pm-10pm 2. Noble Ale Works in Anaheim, at Katella and the 57 fwy. Noon to 6pm. 3. Provisions at the Orange Plaza "Circle of Orange" Old town feel but parking can be hard to find sometimes. 10am-10pm 4. Mattern in Orange, it's a German Deli, awesome food. 5. Live Oak Canyon to Cismontane Brewing (you pass Cook's Corner on the way) 12pm-5pm this is Live Oak, not my picture
  20. max210

    Bilstein Rear Shocks

    where are you located?
  21. Good to see your car is repaired and running strong.
  22. I just bought some nicer covers from rnavarro (cool guy and beautiful car!) and I no longer need these. They've seen better days but I figure someone could use them. They are free and you can pick them up in Orange, CA or I can ship them to you (you pay shipping).