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  1. Sorry, I've been busy around the house and working OT. I made one more. I think a real artist can add some pizazz to it but you know, it's a concept.
  2. It's a chrome piece that clamps with the door card and holds the window door seal. I'm looking for the drivers side.
  3. you can buy these from a dealer, vendors here, pelican parts.
  4. max210

    Cars & Coffee?

    Hey guys my car is in pieces at the moment so I won't be able to meet up.
  5. Sorry I got rid of the door cards already. The area where the armrest mounted was reddish brown and made an outline, the rest was the tobacco leaf color. You can actually see some of that in the picture in OP.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. They are actually pretty close, new to old. The area under the armrest on the old door card is not faded and actually matches the new door cards.
  7. John i had to look up what you meant and yea they look a bit cheesy. I found this similar badge and it looks pretty good.
  8. Thanks for all the tips. Here's a few more modified. I think i'm done for now.
  9. I like the propeller background as well but are there legal problems with using it? Or maybe changing the black to blue and having a solid white center? I can work on it when I get home tonight.
  10. I don't have PS, I learned from tutorials online. Here are two of the same layout. I rebuilt the image and cleaned it up a bit I think. The second one I was trying to get the metallic shine, sort of worked. I suppose the year could be added on the bottom part. I someone here did that and it looked pretty good. I'm going to bed now!
  11. I think we were just throwing out design ideas. I think someone here can chime in on the cost of producing these. I assume the site owner (steve k?) would be the one to get these made. Thanks for the tips, I'll give it a shot on this last iteration. I don't know how cloisonne emblems are made so this is my concern: I'm making this on GIMP (similar to photoshop but free) and exporting it as a JPEG. I don't think my image is "good enough" for actual production as its very low resolution. I assume the fabricator will have to recreate the image in whatever manner is suitable for them to make these. Our images are a representation of what we would like. Again, hopefully someone with experience can chime in.
  12. Thanks guys. I think some of the issues with my design can be addressed by changing the font type and using a checkered flag or diamonds instead of the propeller. I can change it later and post it.
  13. Here's one more I made. I was trying to get a chrome effect on the gray parts. So just pretend the gray is chrome.
  14. Hey guys sorry I couldn't make it. My rear suspension is torn apart at the moment. Looks like you guys got a nice spot.
  15. I found this thread searching around. wow! great posting!
  16. max210

    Color Choice Help

    How about a harlequin paint scheme?
  17. bought something from MrSlacker. He was fast and easy to deal with.
  18. I had to google that, but that's pretty much what I meant by a "printed" badge. Thanks, learned something new.
  19. Was the plan to get a "printed" image on a tin or like an embossed cast piece? I think that would affect which design you choose (as well as cost).
  20. I like #1 of 6. I'd be in for one.
  21. oh ok, I thought that was something you sold.
  22. esty, whats the name of that color? looks like tan or oatmeal on your site.
  23. Esty, which color carpet do you recommend with a saddle interior?