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  1. 02in

    75 2002 Refresh

    Ongoing adventure to bring the "02" spark back into this fine little car. Eventually, I'll organize an album of the before and after, but for now, just captured pics. I'm the second owner of this 02, originally purchased here in Fresno,CA in 1975 from Weber BMW. I bought it in 2010 from the original owner and the car continues to reside in Fresno no more than 6 miles from where it rolled out the dealership 41 years ago.
  2. Jim, Great looking car, congratulations! Got to love that Sahara color. Not that I'm biased or anything. Eric
  3. Yes, those are the dimensions of the flat steel when I bought at the hardware store. I then cut it, and drilled it like you see here and secured with a couple bolts. You'll need to determine hole placement first by placing it against flange. It's pretty tight but works well.
  4. If you're having difficulty finding a thin walled 30mm socket, you can take a cheap socket down on the grinder. Also, I put this lever together to assist both removal and and replacement. It stabilized the gearbox and was just a few bucks for the flat steel at a local hardware store. Be sure to torque to spec.
  5. I don't see too many 1600's this nice and original. Excellent!
    I look forward to this event every year, and I find something I need every time I go. The cars are always looking nice and the folks are friendly. The water view just adds to an overall nice time.
  6. 02in


  7. Very nice! I'll buy one in Sahara if /when.
  8. Hi, I've attached the original BEHR AC installation Instructions and Parts List. Hope it's helpful. Eric behr_ac_install.pdf behr_ac_parts_list.pdf
  9. If you're wanting a rather stock system, here's a link for ANSI replacement muffler. About $130.00 http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/sku/Ansa/Muffler/ANSABW0247.html?apwcid=gglpla&gclid=CKytrtCGxswCFZSCfgodJWMFvw This one is for 75-76 which is what I was looking for.
  10. Say, what condition is the water divider in? Woulid you be willing to sell it individually? Thanks, Eric
  11. Is your Thermal Reactor still available? If so, what state are you in? Thanks.
  12. Having a hard time finding 13" tires to fit your original OEM steel wheels. I was. This is the route I went and what they cost... Caveat - I have no association with the tire business whatsoever, just sharing what I found with fellow 02ers. I looked around all the tire shops locally and spent a good amount of time on the internet as well. For those of you wanting to stay with a 13'' X 5" OEM steel wheel you'll soon find that tire choices are a bit limited. They're out there, but the 185-70r-13 is extremely limited. However, I did find a Toyo 185-70-13 which appeared to be a decent tire and was available at one of the tire stores. Bottom-line on the 185-70-13 is this, unless you're looking for a snow or winter tire, good luck as they all seem to be discontinued. Now, if you go with a 175-70-13 (just less than half inch width of the 185, it opens up a whole new list of tires available, but still limited. I decided on the Michelin Defender XT 175/70/13. Available from "Tire-rack" for around $83-85 each, but I'm a COSTCO member and picked them up there for $85, and they did the mounting etc. My logic for purchase flows like this: 1. I've been running the Michelins on my wife's Jetta and have really liked them, they handle well and are quiet, so basically I had a positive history experience. 2. I was looking for a firm sidewall to compensate for the 70 aspect ratio, I didn't want a soft tire with much side roll and this one seemed to meet that criteria. So, once Becky is back on the road, I'll give a read-out on how they perform, as I do considerable mountain driving. A few pics attached, wanted to show you the rubber mounted and the contact measurement with ruler. View full article
  13. Hi - I live in Fresno too and also new to this forum. I'm not a professional mechanic, but I have done my own auto repair over the years. I purchased a 1975 2002 about 3 years ago and have been driving it daily until my trans went bad recently. Because of this forum, I believe I have a line on a replacement trans and will be working through that shortly. Feel free to use me as network source. More is better when you're needing a part or specialty tool etc.. I plan to slowly restore mine as an ongoing project, so I'll be gaining 02 knowledge and resources over the next few years. I don't believe there's too many of us here in Fresno. I've only seen three others on the road. Eric

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