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  1. Yes, mine are stamped. I don't think they come from the factory stamped, do they? I'm of the mindset that this is a rebuild. I'll be posting more pictures tonight. Anybody in our area you recommend? To be honest, I have trust issues..... I may buy the micrometers myself to see how much wear is on the main and rod journals. The crank is gorgeous with no gouges so I might be good with a polish.(I'll definitely need to get somebody to do that!) Now I just need to find the tolerance specs for the crank and cylinder bores. As an interim solution, I need to measure the tolerance between the current bearings and crank. I can grab some plastigauge from Autozone to do that.... Granted, without the new bearings and the crank polished, I wouldn't know how the new tolerances look. This will certainly give me practice (and I'll know how bad the current bearing tolerances are). Worse case scenario, I buy new bearings, have the crank polished, measure everything and find out the crank is out of spec! FRAK!!! Ah, the life.... I'm open for ideas, but I think this is how it works.... I have a few books coming in this week
  2. @jgerock Thanks for all the insight! So I've pulled a piston and main bearing cap to find out any information with regards to an "overbore" situation. Here's what I found: Part numbers: Piston looks to be 88, 97 mm (Mahle) I don't see a .030 or the like on the top of the piston so I think I'm good. Thoughts? Here are the part numbers that's stamped onto the bearings. I'll send these over to Steve at Blunttech.com The rod cap only had the number "30" on it. Again, my goals is to determine which bearings to buy. Looks like everything is standard unless you guys have any other ideas. Me taking a stab at DIY video recording...: BlueCollarMotorheads
  3. Okay, so I'm back! I bought an engine and transmission from @williamggruff last year with the intent of swapping it before Vintage 2016, but that did not happen. I'm going to take a stab at it before Vintage this year. I'm tired of working hard to keep up with the pack. I'll store my current stock 1600 for future resale (Like that's ever going to happen!) I started this tear down with my daughters with the intent of them helping me through it. They did, for the most part, help me with part of the engine tear down. I've "ditched" them for now in the interest of time! They were only 5 and 7(at the time), so I have plenty more engine builds in their future. Vid Link: https://goo.gl/photos/zNaBnQtCfiYfUseSA Here's where it sits now: Not much to taking them down. I just used zip locks and and a sharpie to keep things organized. I started here: Don't mind the hammer. I didn't use it.... Okay, I'm lying! But, I didn't break anything. SERIOUSLY. I will say this clutch has me scared. Any thoughts? Wondering if I can continue using it: Here is a better view: She's pretty nasty.... Although I do like them nasty. No...Wait... That's different! Anyway, more shots: Front end tear down: Oil Pump Removal. I used one of those Craftsman MAX ACCESS Socket sets. https://www.craftsman.com/products/craftsman-19pc-universal-max-axess-socket-and-ratchet-set-3-8-8221-drive?taxon_id=1845 They do a good job of getting on the nut. I didn't want to use the open end of my box wrench and my standard sockets interfered with the oil tube. My 2.0 has SWAG!!!!! Okay, I'll stop with the corny puns... ^Timing chain guides. I was kind of disappointment that I didn't get to use my cheaply made 1/8" stamp set I snagged off of Amazon. The did a good job of marking everything for me. Do they come from the factory like this or is it a rebuild? Lastly, here are the pistons. Lots of carbon build up. This was an FI engine from a 320I (In think 1982), but I will be going with a Weber 2 bbl I got from @ldsbeaker when it's done. If anybody has any questions or need more pictures, let me know! Box of stuff left over...
  4. Thanks all, I managed to get an M10 from Grice which is in the tear down phase! I'll be posting Operation 2dot0 soon. Stay tuned!
  5. There's so much more I didn't post. I'm horrible at it! Plus full time contractor, full time doctoral student, full time dad....etc. *cue violin*. I'm just really busy!
  6. Honestly, I don't know! I'm sure we'll link up at some point before the next Vintage!
  7. Cupid

    BMW S2002

    Whoa! *subscribed*
  8. Yay! I'll be doing this in the next few months.
  9. Looking to put A/C in SWEET16. If anybody has A/C parts, I'd be interested in what you have. Thanks in advance.
  10. Safe travels all. I'll meet you guys down there!
  11. Preferably not rusted out! :-) Hydraulic.
  12. Hey! Yes....I'm bringing this thread back! Only because I bought a 245 from Grice. Can you give me your thoughts/suggestions on a shifter platform. Wondering what I will need or what I can retrofit from what I have. Tim
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