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  2. First off, thanks for the replies. Actually no. Have not seen bowl draining. other than that what should I check?
  3. I've got a 123 and am currently running the attached TI curve found in the Shop Manual and it seems to work pretty good. Vern1.pdf
  4. If I'm driving in city, lets say 3rd gear (5 speed) at 2,800 RPM the ATF is good around 14:1. ease into throttle and ATF go real lean at 16-18:1 and then catches up. I eliminate this by blipping the throttle. If I was running my old 4 barrel V8 I'd be looking at the accel pump.
  5. OK.... finally had chance to report back. IDLES AIRS MAINS ETUBEs Now: 55 170 135 F66 Best over all running. Idles happiest at 13:1 with about 1 +/- turn on each screw, Cruises 14-15:1, WOT is 12-12.5:1. Pulls like horse to 7,000 rpm. Still have a lean stumble when mild accel after steady speed but..... far less than before. 1,500 RPM to 3,500, lower the RPM the worse it is. With the 1 turn on the idle screws should try larger idles? Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks! I think I have those so I can give that a try tonight!
  7. Ok, well seems like I only get to this around this at this time of year! Thus I reviewed the 7 pages on the thread, summarized what you guys did, ordered up some parts and went at it. Note: Since last posted we have rebuild the M10. The package is now 10:1, 292 IE Cam/Rockers, shorty header and the 38/38. So here we go: Idles Airs Mains E-Tubes As Rec'vd: 50 185 140 F50 Ran real rich (9-12 ATF) at cruse, worse on hard accel and real lean stumble on when easing back into throttle 5/16/2017a: 50 185 135 F66 14 ATF on hard accel and MAJOR leaning on off throttle 5/17/2017b: 50 170 135 F66 Cruses at 14-15, 13-14 on medium accel, 12 on max axcel, still 18+ lean stumble light pedal I need to order some smaller Airs so see what that does. I fell like I aught to stay with the F66 since the majority of you all did good with it. I'll welcome any suggestions to fix the lean stumble......
  8. Nice, documentation! I imagine I'll need to do this some day!
  9. Last night, when I was addressing a fit up issue with my passenger vent window, I saw your post. Original gear box was toast so I redid the donor as per your post and it works GREAT. Thanks for taking the time to post it. Now onto the driver side, just because.....
  10. My passenger vent works ok but "bottoms out" before sealing against gasket. Any way to adjust rotation? Blue Book doesn't help. Cancel this! found the rivets on the hinge broke!
  11. I'm in the same boat with each aspect with anything I do on Vern!
  12. Something I'm going to end up doing down the road so keep posting!
  13. I had the same experience recently. Took mine to the Vintage is Nashville NC. On the way back idle got very squirrely. Coming off highway cruse pegged ATF lean and stalled everyime. Now idle is super lean and rough. I will play with it tonight to see if it will dial back in. Next will be to order/change Em Tubes to the F66 to see if it can fixe the lean stumble coming off idles.
  14. Price sounds a little strong for a not running 72. Look real carefull for extent of rust!
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