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  1. Hey Everyone- This is my first time posting but I have been reading articles on here for around 6 years. Figured some of you might be interested in watching some 1600s and 2002s taking down the local 510s, Cortinas and Alfas at the 1st annual RMVR B-Sedan Challenge. It's June 1,2 at the track in Pueblo. We are hoping to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-18 2002s with a full run group of about 30 B-Sedan only cars. If you aren't familiar with RMVR check out the website below. http://rmvr.com/even...edan-challenge/ Hope to see you there! Scott / Green 1967 BMW 1600-2
  2. 160Green

    1967 BMW 1600-2

    The Racecar
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