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  1. Tried to order a shirt, but site would would not accept my credit card, Scott
  2. Hello, I may be interested in the rear ashtray. Please send price for part and shipping to Detroit ,MI 48080 Thanks, Scott
  3.   Hello, I could not help but notice your recent reply to Krocyk on the forum regarding ti parts. I by no means what to interfere in any transaction between the two you. But hopefully being 2nd in line, I'd  like to ask if by chance you have the "drop arm" that connects the upper linkage assembly to the gas pedal on a 2002ti - part # 35411100419. It's different than the std and tii models. I've owned a complete ti upper linkage assembly for a few years now, but the rod has eluded me. Should you have this part and its still available after the above transaction, i'm in ! regards, Scott 

    2002 linkages1.JPG

    1. halboyles


      Hello Scott!  Thanks for the inquiry and diplomacy.  Those, of course, haven't been available for over 20 years so they are very rare and I don't have one either.  Even when they were available we just repurposed a standard rod by bending it accordingly.  It was inexpensive and immediate as we didn't have to wait the month or more for parts from the Motherland.  The rods are an alloy and bend fairly easily.  If done properly, you end up with a very close reproduction of the original.

    2. scotthiggins


      Thank you for your reply and advice . I'm somewhat cursed as being an anal perfectionist, so bending the standard rod is hard for me. With that being said I have considered making one, however I can't seem to find any spec's for the ti rod , as far as Length, where to bend, and what degree of bend. Once my engine is reinstalled i might have to do what what you recommended, it probably won't even be noticeable. Thanks again, Scott

  4. Part Number is 41141803549. Very cheap -- under 5.00 USD. Scott
  5. I purchased one last year - same as yours ! So I called Ireland and was told that they are made that way because each trunk lid is slightly different , so you can grind them to a "perfect fit". He also advised me that the job is not recommended for amateurs. So I took his advise and went to a good body guy and it turned out great. Scott
  6. This is what I used -- http://www.goodspeedmotoring.com/wurth-black-weatherstrip-adhesive.html ,Scott
  7. Their site recommends 1156 LED Bulb - 18 SMD LED Tower - BA15S Retrofit - Amber. Scott
  8. Hi, I noticed that gave prices for the USB and BLUETOOTH models, but not the standard SWITCH model that I was interested in. Can you inquire and let me know the price ?
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a under dash fog light switch mounting console, part # 61-31-9-557-324. I think it was offered on the Euro cars ? Also NLA clip for the ignition coil , # 12-13-1-351-124. Thanks, Scott Higgins [email protected]
  10. My 1972 has one, part # 65311356255. Part name is "Earth strap for engine hood" Regards, Scott
  11. My restoration guy did the following process ; Sikkens self etching primer, followed by PPG DP90 epoxy primer, topped with Wurth underbody seal, and finished with a single stage epoxy paint. Whether this is the best method or not I couldn't say, but this person has restored a number of 02's and came highly recommended.
  12. ZINZ, The picture of the linkage assembly that you commented on was sent to me by fellow member Lars alpina awhile ago, and yes it is beautiful . It's the best picture of the ti linkage i've seen. I have the the same assembly, collected over the years - some parts NOS and some parts replate. Your advise on manifold assembly makes sense,i'll give it a try - Scott
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