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  1. I have an update that is very important for those of us who rely on Frank for our wheel needs. He is still reaching out to me via text, and he gave me a call today. I bought a set back in December and while we're a little behind on the schedule he provided me with his side of things recently. He was scammed on an expensive set of wheels as the seller, and got the run around from eBay to recover on his end. This caused him to close his account and use word of mouth and just Facebook moving forward for business. I told him that his communication needed improvement when these things are all happening as they're concerning to his customers. Moving forward, I will update this thread when my order is fulfilled so we can have closure. @jturner, I know we spoke a good amount regarding our orders and not receive them timely; I will keep my fingers crossed a bit longer for now.
  2. Amazing! Inspirational stuff here for me.
  3. List updated. Thank you everyone! Sending my stuff out this week. Another reason I was asking was when ordering some of these parts new or finding NOS some of the finished vary. I believe my pitman arms and radius rods and various brackets came to me cad plated, etc and have the gold finish that didn’t look correct.
  4. I am hoping to organize in one thread the various colors and finishes of the subframes and suspension/ steering components. Searching around for everything is great since there is a wealth of detailed info in each thread but having one resource could be handy too. I have a few photos to work off of that are "original" depictions but it seems that there are always a few differences and I want to get this right the first time. I will fill them in as they are confirmed. Front: Subframe- Semi-gloss black olive/ semi-gloss black Engine mount brackets- Semi-gloss black Strut housings- Semi-gloss black olive/ semi-gloss black Springs- Semi-gloss black with hand painted color indicator Sway bar- Semi-gloss black Sway bar brackets- Semi-gloss black Control arms- Semi-gloss black Radius rod- Semi-gloss black Pitman arm- Semi-gloss black Calipers- Raw cast iron Brake back plates- Semi-gloss black Steering box- Raw aluminum Steering box pitman arms- Semi-gloss black Steering end links/ track rod- Semi-gloss black Rear: Subframe- Semi-gloss black olive/ semi-gloss black Subframe bushing brackets- Semi-gloss black Trailing arms- Semi-gloss black olive/ semi-gloss black Sway bar- Semi-gloss black Sway bar brackets- Semi-gloss black Springs- Semi-gloss black with hand painted color indicator Brake drum back plates- Semi-gloss black
  5. oh2ryan

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    My car is a tii though and they’re already there from BMW! But yes, I recommend them to the base model folks.
  6. FS:ATS Classic in 13x6 et30 - these wheels have been refinished in black and have not seen road usage since. The Toyo tires (185 70) have been used almost exclusively for rolling the car around the shop or storage since installed. These will fit directly on any 2002 or 1600 as is. I do not have caps. Wheels and tires are essentially brand new, they will be a great addition to any 2002 out there. Three wheels have casting dates of 1981 and the other wheel is from 1979. $700 local pickup only in San Jose/ Santa Clara. Ryan 5303061066
  7. oh2ryan

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    tii reinforcements from the factory
  8. oh2ryan

    WTB: BMW 2002 Accessories

    Thanks @MOJOJOY for the heads up on a reserve pack of service parts. Down to just the oddballs now on the WTB list.
  9. oh2ryan

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Pulled the subframes out, I’ll strip them down tomorrow so they can go out early next week for refinishing!
  10. oh2ryan

    WTB Roundie Taillamp Lenses

    I am looking for EXCELLENT-NOS lenses for my 1971 2002tii. I need the amber versions that would have been equipped on my Euro 04/1971. Currently I have NOS early roundie lenses (all red, no amber) and I want to purchase the correct parts. I will buy or trade my lenses. I do not need the chrome rings, just the lenses. Thank you, -Ryan
  11. I am mid way through a high end factory restoration on one of the earliest 2002tii’s out there, an April 1971 Italian delivery. I have used only new BMW part a or NOS to bring this car back to its original finish. Everything on the car is numbers matching, and almost everything that is date stamped is correct with an early 71 date on it. I have a 4 speed and 5 speed, an open diff and an LSD. When I install the power train you can bet your bottom that I am running the 5 speed and LSD. I justify it in a couple of ways. They’re driver enhancements that are period correct and technically were offered in some form from the factory or from BMW back in the day. They’re easily replaced anyway, it takes less than a day to swap them back out for original gear. To answer your question, I think in almost all cases it enhances value or at a minimum doesn’t hurt value (assuming the swap was done up to factory BMW standards). I do not expect a 5 speed to increase the value of my 2002tii, but I also do not think I would take a hit on value or criticism for running these options and having the originals on stand by. -R
  12. oh2ryan

    Hood Torsion Bar Arm Question

    Alright, confirmed my worries. I’d probably not mess around with straightening this thing unless I know it will come out perfectly and that seems like more of a challenge that swapping it. Not sure how I missed this pre-paint!
  13. oh2ryan

    Hood Torsion Bar Arm Question

    Hinges are lined up identical to each other. The adjustments on the fenders may be a tiny bit off, which I didn’t really look at until now. Hood opens evenly and straight. Thanks everyone.
  14. oh2ryan

    Hood Torsion Bar Arm Question

    So weird, I really don’t see how it would bend like that and not kink our left or right. It’s dead straight. I guess I’ll make another WTB ad!
  15. I have a question for the know-it-alls on something pointed out by @Coastalcrush408 - is this correct? The driver side arm on the hood torsion bar has a curve to it. It is a smooth and even curve, with no signs of stress or kinks or bends. When comparing to other cars I have owned and found online, the arms on the torsion bar appear to be straight and symmetrical. I want to correct this now if it is not correct in any way. Again, for reference this is an Italian 04/1971 2002tii. The bar needs to be touched up again anyway, so now is the time to swap it out if needed. Also, the hood opens and closes perfectly, and there is no rubbing of the arms on the tops of the fenders. Thanks in advance!