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  1. oh2ryan


    16x8 Alpinas - Straight Piped S14
  2. oh2ryan


    A little bit of everything in one photo: Square tail, Roundie, Touring, 2002 base, 2002tii, S14 powered, Alpina, BBS, Factory Alloys, Steelies, all bumper configurations: shaved, 73 bumpers, shorty bumpers, diving boards, hotrod 2002, stock 2002, racing 2002, cross section of paint colors, US delivery and Euro delivery, and a view to boot.
  3. oh2ryan


    M2/ 2002tii/ Touring/ 2002A
  4. UGH! Been looking everywhere for a set, and I live right down the street. Nice buy.
  5. I'll take one for a 2002 to support the cause. PM'd. Thanks. -R
  6. Thanks guys. I had a feeling but seeing as it was a VIN related item I questioned it. Case closed!
  7. FAQers, This topic seems to be well covered for US cars, I have read through the threads that discuss the decal's patterns, placement, late model differences... but not any details that separate US vs. Euro. Regarding the door vin sticker for a vehicle delivered to Europe, in my case Italy, how should this sticker read for my 1971 2002tii? Aside from delivery the UK, it would surprise me that this sticker would be in English, and then to say it meets "Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards" is unusual. Although the company that produces these stickers is over the pond, they generally only produce them for US customers in the following example which they prepared for me. If the Euro delivery 2002s received a similar sticker, how should it read so I can have the script edited to be correct for my car? https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIN-MANUFACTURING-DATE-DECAL-BMW-2002-sticker-resto-repro/291812991221?hash=item43f168e0f5:g:fRkAAOSwZ1BXfnNa
  8. FAQers, I am looking for knee trim for my 1971 2002tii. I need the pieces for the doors and quarters in new or like new condition. BMW still offers the fender pieces, so I have those from my local dealer. I have a set in 8.5/10, but I want pieces to better match the new trim. Ryan 5303061066
  9. Look through some of the many M2 build threads and you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for. I ran an M10 oil pan on my S14, modified only with a return line bung welded on. I don’t think it should matter which transmission you run, I originally was working around a 265/5 and ended up going with a 245 and cannot recall any issues with the M10 oil pan. I am sure you’ll get a more thorough answer here soon, but dig around a little more in the project forums. -Ryan
  10. I love shiny stuff too, but Concours D'elegance is a different animal.
  11. New units at current market prices are ~$525 per each grille and ~$450 for the kidney, so call it $1500. Add in $75 for each set of black slats from BMW, reflectors at $55, and hardware at $15. Comes in at just over $1700 plus shipping.
  12. Ok, to sum things up... I checked around again and noticed that the p/s grille was still NLA, and many places were backordered with no date for when a center grille could be shipped. getbmwparts claims to have both in stock - placed an order so we shall see what comes if anything. Hopefully they will match the d/s and this problem can be put to rest. Thanks all!
  13. I'll send out another inquiry. I'd pick up a new passenger side if someone has it available, I struck out for months so I began looking elsewhere. Thank you @jgerock
  14. Well now I truly am in a pickle. Maybe I will stumble upon a few more NOS grilles and can find the "prefect" pair.
  15. Thanks Mark. From the PMs I am receiving on this also, it appears the duller version is the more correct finish. Now to find the best way to reduce the shine on the d/s grille... feels wrong to do that to such a nice piece but originality always wins for this '71 2002tii. Thank you all!
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