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  1. oh2ryan

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    Thanks again for providing this and for making the purchase so easy.
  2. oh2ryan

    JANUARY SALE: Genuine BMW tii exhaust: $299!

    Email sent.
  3. oh2ryan

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Took a trip down memory lane. I tracked down and chatted with one of the early US owners of my 1971 2002tii (Thanks @02Les for the leads). My car was imported to Newport News, Virginia from Italy. The car then ended up in Florida for many years before migrating out west. The previous owner said he thinks about this car daily, and had wondered where it ended up. He shared some photos and much info on the car. Hopefully he can dig up the 70/ 71 FL plates he had on the car back in the day so I can reunite them with the 2002 (and possibly try to run them again). Here are a few of the pictures:
  4. oh2ryan

    First year tii 1971

    Add your car to the registry so my tii has a friend there!
  5. Sorry, wrong thread... edited
  6. oh2ryan

    WTB: Frames for headlamp/ buckets

    Help a brother out. Anybody out there have a 2002 they're parting???
  7. The 1600 sold for $5000 outside the auction.
  8. Doubling you initial projection is smart, but still very much on the low side when its all said and done. My advice would be to break projects up into different segments so you can narrow the scope, knock them out as the budget allows. Always do the job 100% the first time, you will absolutely spend more when you try to cut a corner or use low quality parts and end up having to re do something. That sounds like common sense... but it tends to happen so often. I have been logging the restoration of my 2002tii to the penny and I will admit I did not estimate perfectly when starting out on this build. I can only drill down so specifically into my Excel spreadsheet, but if I for example just select trim, seals/ gaskets for the exterior I am coming in at $4,208.22. That's just for the parts sitting in boxes in my garage, and I bought many items below "market". This is for BNIB or NOS pieces with the goal of having a concours car I should mention so possibly not very helpful. Its hard to see a 2002 as a budget classic car these days.
  9. oh2ryan

    Interior thoughts

    I just picked a color and pattern fabric out of my interior guys sample materials. I went with a synthetic material for the headliner now that I am thinking about it. I had all of my interior at the time recovered. I can't remember how much leather it was, but budget for more surface area doing this vs the traditional rear bench seat.
  10. oh2ryan

    First year tii 1971

    Still looking! They're so common, yet so hard for most to remove that they're tricky to acquire (at least I am guessing that is why I still don't have a set in hand yet). I have managed to find some of the rarest 2002 bits out there in circulation yet these remain elusive! I would be curious to see what BMW archives says about your VIN. Production date and country of delivery.
  11. oh2ryan

    First year tii 1971

    Same issue I’m working through. I guess the people on the other side of the pond really enjoyed the quads, I see it on so many early 2002tiis. Had I known the struggles to getting this repaired, I would have just purchased a new nose and replaced the entire piece vs. grafting in the missing bits. Nice car, one for sure worth saving!
  12. oh2ryan

    First year tii 1971

    I figured thats what you meant. Will the OP DOES have plastic grilles in this case though haha