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  1. These threads make me laugh every time. Since when does whining and crying constantly over the appreciation of this model of BMW change anything about the position you are finding yourself in? It is sad that you can no longer enjoy your BMW; and I am sorry you would rather make threads all day long about flippers and whatever this is then take your car out for a spin and share the stories of the journey. I personally would rather see someone stick with their newly found platform than post the same redundant posts about how much the community annoys you. FWIW, -R
  2. I spent the afternoon removing the two piece dash so that it can go out to get refurbished. The dash removal was fun, I found many Italian artifacts hiding behind the dash and the sound deadening that was against the firewall. One find was a bottle opening from a rhubarb flavored liqueur that was offered in Italy in the time this 2002tii was delivered. I will make sure it remains in the glove box with the loose change I found as a tribute to the Italian man that purchased the vehicle back in April of 1971. The cluster turned out to be the original, stamped 4 71 and with the correct markings on the 220km speedometer - W = 0.765. This corresponds to a 3,45 differential, correct for the early Euro 2002tii. The milage (kilometerage?) checks out as well at 139213 kms or 86503 miles to verify it is the original cluster and accurate. I have tracked down the complete ownership chain since the car was imported and each owner shared some documentation to corroborate each km driven. The instrument cluster will be shipping out to North Hollywood for cleaning and any rebuilding. The 2002tii clock has a sticker on it indicating it was rebuilt in North Carolina, the first state the car was imported too, the date on the sticker matches the timeline of when the car was in North Carolina. As you might notice the headliner that was brand new split in a few places upon installation, the replacement is on the way. This new BMW headliner was disappointed before it even went in the car, some of the seams are ugly to begin with. I am hoping the next one I source will not suffer from these issues. I installed the front bumper after assembling it. This took half the day, lots of mocking up and trimming and adjusting to get it here. It might need to be tweaked a bit more. Also, the Euro headlamps went in now that my headlamp gaskets arrived. They are NOS, but I need to find a way to clean the back side of the glass, some minor dust and debris in there (compressed air did not do the trick). I had 3 sets of knee trim laying around. I found the cleanest set and polished it up and snapped it on. Came out 8/ 10 but this will bother me until i can find a perfect set. If anyone has advice on refurbishing a set to make it perfect I am all ears. If not I will have to wait for the NLA pieces to pop up. Also pictured is a shot of the subframe that shoes the final color and finish since some asked for it a while back. IMG_5942.mp4
  3. I have some or all of these in Santa Clara. What condition are you looking for though?
  4. goliners material doesn't look correct vs the original? Unless I am missing something on the bay page? I had a BMW replacement attempt to go in today and my upholsterer split the seam on the final pass to remove some wrinkles! Grrrrrrrr, I need another now!
  5. Been too long since I’ve purchased something off the FAQ...
  6. E36 Euro analog clock. Two styles, RHD and LHD pictured here.
  7. I have used BaT. You use BaT for one reason, to maximize dollars. You can sell your tii ANYWHERE, but what you can get out of the sale of your tii will vary greatly based on how you sell it. BaT only makes sense to me if you're ready to put in the effort for showmanship. My advice is to present you car in the most transparent and comprehensive way possible if you go this route. Hire a photographer if your only method of picture snapping is with an old cell phone and scout a location other than the driveway. Fix the little nagging items, like replacing light bulbs that aren't working or misaligned trim. If you know one thing about BaT it is that idiots prowl with one objective... to detract from you receiving top dollar for you car. For example, there is some guy who insists on commenting about every single nose panel on any 2002tii listed if he sees a snorkel, we get it, it’s been swapped. Annoying comments or worse will pop up 10:1 against the positive or serious inquiries. Just be ready to respond to all the noise professionally, but attempt to stay ahead of the negativity. I would read through the last 10 2002tii's ads and learn. It truly is a game as much as it is an auction. I have used them for three listings. It is not for everyone or for every car. Be active, be honest, be thick-skinned. Godspeed.
  8. If I used U.S. turns, where would I set my Guinness?   

  9. oh2ryan


  10. FAQers, I am interested in buying some accessory options offered back in the day. Here is a link to the FAQ which contains the full PDF of the accessories catalogue: I am after the following: BMW trunk bin (small version) BMW tow rope BMW on board fire extinguisher Rear fender rock chip protectors FOUND NOS Entrance sill moulding FOUND NOS Factory alloy 13x6 wheels FOUND NOS Blue BMW coco floor mats FOUND NOS BMW pillow complete with safety items FOUND NOS BMW trunk beauty mat FOUND Clip light with cable FOUND NOS Trunk compartment box FOUND BMW chrome exhaust tip FOUND NOS BMW mud flaps FOUND NOS BMW reserve pack of service parts FOUND NOS These parts were offered for purchase in the parts catalogue, as in the photo below. I will consider any parts that are in great condition or that can be refinished. Ryan 5303061066
  11. oh2ryan


    Interesting suspension set up. I almost did this same thing on my 1974 2002. I had E30 M3 front struts with a BBK and MZ3 rear trailing arms. Glad to see someone else actually went through with it!
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