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  1. I'll take the shift and handbrake boot's if they're still available.
  2. I'll take these (PM Sent) Dash Dash - one piece - exceptional, no cracks, very clean $1,500.00 1 Switch Rear defrost switch $50.00 Switch lighter $75.00 Window Interior door handles $100.00 2 sets Switch hazard switch $50.00
  3. Also looking for a shifter shaft (23211207772) and a speedo pin (23221200416) to complete a 5 speed conversion so I can hook up my speedo.
  4. Looking for a set of front grilles for an early 71' 2002. PM if you have some. thanks
  5. I'll take this if it's still available. PM me if you still want to sell
  6. +1 appreciate the follow up. Good to hear these are worth it, I'm going to reach out to them and purchase one. Moto Carlo, let me know if you're planning on doing the same, I might do a repeat of what RFord did and see if we can do anothe 10+ unit purchase.
  7. Guys, sorry to jump in so late on this. I was wondering if you ever followed through and bought 10+ of these kits. I'd live to purchase one too since I'm having similar issue to all of you with steering play, and worse comes to worse I'd love to have a spare steering box for the long term. Also, has anyone else installed the new box? Thoughts?
  8. I'm looking for a dash, doesn't have to be in great shape, but if you have a nice one I'd be interested too. Phil
  9. Do you still have a set of round tail lights and square mirrors?
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