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  1. @Brandon was this sold? If you still have please let me know. Thanks, Greg
  2. The details are in the link. I'm hoping to have a bunch of 02's show up. Who's in??? https://bmwpugetsound.com/event/2019-deutsche-marque-car-show/
  3. GregF


  4. Oh my goodness, this is nuts! I probably would have done, or attempted to do, the same thing as you. But we all need to remember that they're just cars. We can replace cars, but not people. Adrenaline can make us do crazy things. Glad you're ok and the damage wasn't too bad. For help with parts you can call Patrick O'neil at Midnight Motorsports up here in Seattle, he may be able to help.
  5. Thank you Steve, learn something new everyday. Or at least I try to!
  6. Other than the missing VIN tag on the steering wheel column cover, it appears the small 9 pin electrical connector (I forget what it was originally designed to do) under the hood, at left of the air intake and directly in front of the cowl on driver's side, has been over-sprayed in Inka orange. Or else it has an orange cover on it???. On my 73 tii it is definitely not painted, nor does it have a cover. Then again, maybe it is supposed to have a cover? Not sure. This is nit picky stuff, but it does beg the question about under hood painting, especially since there is zero visual evidence of the padding. Either way, this appears to be a sweet tii in a very popular color. But I think the seller may be stretching the definition of "original paint survivor" just a bit...
  7. Hi James, Go to a junk yard and cut off the filler neck (about 12 inches) from a more modern BMW, with the part the cap would screw onto, and use that as a filler. I slide it into my 02's existing gas tank filler hole and no problems with gas leaking out around the filler. Be aware that the gas will not automatically shut off using this method. You have to know approx how much gas you need and then listen for the gas getting close to full. Greg
  8. This car sold through a Bring A Trailer auction last year for $20K. Details here: http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bmw-2000-touring-tii/ This tii did not have a numbers matching motor, but appeared to be a very nice car with minimal needs. I'm really surprised to see it sell less than a year later, but maybe the new owner was able to flip it for close to the $35K asking price on ebay. That'd be a quick and tidy profit.
  9. Here's a little info from when the seller first obtained the car. And yes, it was originally a Golf Yellow car. Glad to see the engine swap never took place! http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/148675-introduction-and-diy-repair-shop/
  10. Yes, it was a great (hot!) day, but the people were cool and the cars were plenty. Thank you Tim Corley for hosting and showing us your property and awesome barn/workshop! I left with many ideas about building my own barn. If not for the heat and my melting wife I probably would have overstayed my welcome hanging out with you all. Till the next event! Cheers, Greg Fazzio
  11. Hi All, My son is looking at buying an older Mini Cooper in Puyallup and I'm hoping you can refer me to a reputable wrench who can do an inspection of the car if we move forward. I know it's not a 2002, but still hoping you can help. Everybody I trust to inspect a car is on the north end. Thanks in advance and stay cool! Greg F
  12. Hi All, This will mainly apply to folks on the west coast and Pacific Northwest/BC, but I thought I'd post here to reach the largest number of eyes. I attended the SOVREN vintage races at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA on July 4th and learned a few things that I thought I'd pass on. Since its inception, SOVREN (Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts) has allowed vintage purpose built race cars and cars like Corvettes, Porsches, Ferraris, and BMW's and others prepped for racing only if they were model year 1972 or older. Many SOVREN members are getting older and leaving racing. This has led to diminishing membership. The good news is that the Board recognizes the inherent challenges of staying relevant when we're talking about vintage racing and has decided to allow period correct production cars up to 1985 and purpose built race cars built prior to 1989. This opens up the option for vinatge racing to a whole new generation of racers and cars! When speaking with people at the track it became apparent that the model year change was not widely known. Please pass this info along and encourage to interested parties to contact SOVREN directly for more info. Website link attached. http://sovrenracing.org/ Thanks, Greg Fazzio
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