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  1. Thanks man! I am waiting for my username to be approved but seems to be taking days.
  2. Hello. Based on the adjustment handle being on the right my guess would be passenger.. it will work fine on either side though. However maybe an expert could chime in.
  3. Bump. Would look great under someone’s tree.
  4. Vintage Scheel bucket. ‘CSL’ style. Does not include headrest or mounting hardware. Price is best offer but not looking to ship this one. Sorry. Thanks!
  5. As the title states; wheel is in great condition. Leather shows some patina without any major flaws. Price is best offer, thanks!
  6. Dude, don’t part this car. It’s too nice. I actually saw the ad for this car and thought about checking it out.
  7. I purchased this a few weeks ago from a fellow FAQ'r and it turns out the mounting brackets are on the front as opposed to the back. My car is a '73 for reference. Just looking to recoup what I paid which was $126, so that is the price plus shipping. Thanks, Brian
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