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  1. This is a false statement. First ... I've only had one offer on the car. The interested party kept showing me proof he was flying up to see the car. He'd send me flight itineraries etc. Then he'd cancel. This went on repeatedly from April - July. The person is from this group. I spent many hours with him. I had documents drawn up traveled to be available. I believe he was just messing with me right from the beginning. Due to this ... I never put the car for sale ... nor has a prospective buyer ever looked at it. Why put stuff up that you can't possibly know anything about? The car has it's own website as of this afternoon and it will go for sale in shortly via private auction. http://bmw2002ti.com
  2. Agreed. This has dragged on enough without a price. My apologies, is there a time limit? I'm happy to take the listing down and re-post at a later date. The car isn't ready yet. I just had an appraiser by yesterday. The car hasn't been driven much, so it's been driven, inspected, driven, inspected. I'm not playing games ... I have 4 kids, work, i'm on the road a lot. Car is just not that important. Let me know if I should take the post down. Kim
  3. More photos added to Flickr file, please see original post. Photos are of the car new in 1969 and also some race pics. Appraisal being done soon.
  4. No, my brother's name is Mike. He was probably referring to Remi Petrelli (sp?) - he owned the premier auto body shop in Calgary at the time, Continental Auto Body. He undoubtedly would have worked on the car. You and Mike should come and see the Car in Canmore in April.
  5. Was your brother's name Remi? Larry mentioned a Remi ...
  6. Vince I managed to find the original owner. He's still kicking YAY! This car started out as a regular 2002ti. It was restored and Alpina parts added. The flares are ALL steel. They too are Alpina. Original owner is gathering up a bunch of info for me. Including images of this car winning Hill Climbs in 70's. it was raced many times. I'd also like to point out again that this car was imported by the first owner, who also was a bmw dealer and importer. He also restored the car. More pics to come.
  7. I'm with you Bob! Interior is excellent and valuable.
  8. Done! I will have pics of engine and under carriage later this week. Car is on ranch, I'm back in the city. It started to snow yesterday as I was taking the photos and I didn't want to get the engine wet (or the car).
  9. I'm not sure yet. I am having it tuned up and inspected this week by bmw. I will then have a better idea of what it is worth. My email is: [email protected]
  10. Hey Steve, Thanks for your comment. I thought the pics revealed a lot with all of the documents etc. What kind of photos should I take? I plan to take some video of the car running, but it has been sitting in storage and I wanted to have the old fuel flushed, before starting. I inherited this car and joined the group to get help and advice so thank you.
  11. Car is for sale. I'm having it transported to BMW for a service and detailing and new tires. I'll provide engine photos etc. later this week. Price is still up in the air. I was actually hoping to have you guys help me out with that. IF it is in perfect running condition and has just one 12 mm dent on back pass bumper (see pics) and interior is perfect. What do you think it is worth? I inherited this car and need help. My email is: [email protected]
  12. Ground up restoration with many upgrades. Excellent condition. Just two owners. See all details here: (including images) Mileage 1275 **Edit3 --> Photos added to Flickr set of car new in 1969, racing in early 70's and pre-restoration and Alpina modifications. Almost ready for sale **Edit2 --> In 1999 the original owner provided this information. Engine: 2 liter 4 cyl - High compression pistons 10.5-1 - High performance competition camshaft (alpina) - High output electrical fuel pump - Stul headers - 40 mm Weber carbs - Engine polished and cc for volumes - Pistons, rods lightened and balanced - Porsche mechanical advance distributor Steering: - Close ration steering gear box (alpina) - Competition front brakes and calipers (alpina) - Competition springs and shocks - Lowered suspension (alpina) Transmission: - Competition getrag close ratio 5 speed (alpina) Differential: - Limited Slip Differential Interior: - Front seats Recaro, Recaro supplied rear seat cover to match. - All interior panels new in 1981 Wheels: - Alpina 13x7x100mm Steering wheel is Motolita (Italian) 3 year ground up restoration that was completed in 1981 **Edit --> so I've taken a bunch more photos, and have added them to flickr (use link above). I didn't get all the car shots you wanted because, well the car isn't all shined up yet. Please also remember it hasn't been vacuumed, washed or polished since 1995! It is being tuned, lines flushed and all new fluids. I've also ordered new tires. It is running! There is a tiny bit of rust on bottom of doors and a few other spots here and there. I've photographed them ALL. NO holes anywhere. Interior is like new, but as many of you have pointed out not original. I personally think the changes are 'upgrades' but I suppose that is personal taste. Paint peeling a wee bit in spots, no rust in those spots though. I've photographed them all. I haven't yet decided on a price. Thank you!

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