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  1. I got this from a fellow I work with at BMW. Was going to put it on a build, but it is just too damn nice. I believe it to be NOS as he got it from a co-worker at the dealership we work at "several years ago". Not sure when they started to reproduce these things, but it does have some "makers stamps" on the back which I have taken pics of. Anyways, the bumper has never been mounted, new rubber, and cover nuts. All parts in the pics are included. You will still need a few nuts and bolts to finish putting it together and the bumperettes on. NO DENTS! All reasonable offers accepted as I can't find anything to compare them to except the reproductions you see on eBay that sell for $1200 for the set. I also have a few sets of mounting brackets (71, 72, and 73). Inquire about those if ya need em. Please contact me direct at bmw-e10 (at) hotmail (dot) com
  2. You normally find these (if you are lucky) for the late models, but here is a compete set for the early cars. Complete with trim rings, mounting brackets, and both side grills. Some crust on the back of the light fixtures themselves that does not hinder their functionality. No chips in glass! Some extra mounting holes and slight blems in grills which is par for the course with these grills as they were obviously modified by people trying to mount them. I mounted one side to a project and used existing holes in the frame. Pretty easy actually. Complete the transformation of your 2002 build with these ultra rare EARLY quads, as seen on many Alpina builds. Go ahead and try and find another set. Again, you usually see late sets for sale, and even those are far more than I am asking. Trying to get quick cash for a change in my sons birthday reservation (damn wife), thus the lowball asking price!
  3. Had these set aside for one of my builds, but a new tii has arrived and it's time to get some moola together to finish her up. The tii doesn't need much, so I am not asking much for the parts (compared to what I see them sell for in the market). Air Dam- Very nice shape. No breaks or repairs. Two of the mounting holes have small splits in em. Nice repaint. I believe it is a Kamei. Bought here on the faq a while back for $300. Selling for $200 plus actual shipping. Rear Spoiler- Got this from a friend who brought it back from Germany. It is a Zender, and was painted a "wonderful" shade of green. Mounting holes seem fine but I would 3M the beauty on. No chunks our of material. Paint has its share of cracking, but if you don't get the same warm and fuzzy feeling I do when looking at it, you can paint it to your liking! I believe I got a good deal and paid a hundred for it, plus shipping, so that's what I am asking for it. Ireland turbo flares. Never mounted. I think they ask around 3 bills for them. How bout $200 plus actual shipping. I also have some other stuff that was earmarked for the ti. Some original dual carb manifolds (in another thread here on the faq) $100, red center roundie tail lights, and several misc smalls. Doesn't hurt to ask. As you can see from the last pic, I have too many projects and need to focus on just one at this time (the 72tii). ALL REASONABLE OFFERS ACCEPTED
  4. I have an extra rear bumper that came with my 72tii. It is pretty straight. One small buckle on the left (drivers side) corner piece. Just haven't straightened it. Chrome is pretty nice. Fairly complete. Throwing in some over riders. One has a split in the rubber cover. Chrome is very nice on one, decent on the other. One is minus its mounting bolt. See pics or ask questions for more information. Price is $150 plus actual shipping Offers welcome. Also have some extra wrap around end pieces. Good for cores. Price is for the bumper, over riders, mounting brackets, and trim piece. Spare pieces are available upon request and offers are welcome. Please contact me direct at bmw-e10 (at) hotmail (dot) com
  5. I have a nice set of original BMW sidedraft carb manifolds for a 2002ti. Stamped "V 121" and "H 121". Comes complete with some gaskets and exactly as pictured. A hundred bucks gets em shipped via USPS Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation. Contact me directly at bmw-e10 (at) hotmail (dot) com
  6. Don't know how many people have asked me if I liked to golf...but the answer is NO!
  7. I sold the trunk I had before I listed this stuff. I am sure someone out there will be able to help ya. Good luck!
  8. Those I do not have darnit. Got some beauty rings you could bend and make rails out of...j/k. Good luck on your search
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