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  1. With a little help from my son, I managed to fit the hood lifting torsion bar tonight.
  2. One from last week and one after I made the front number plate mount.
  3. I modified my long bumper and turned it into a shorty. The angle of the end doesn't quite match the moulding in the rear quarter so I'll cut and modify them to suit. I'll vinyl wrap it in chrome to give it a uniform finish.
  4. No need for an MOT anymore. It would have failed I’m I’m honest with no front number plate and the rear plate lights missing but I risked it. I’ll get these done and I am going to have the MOT test done for piece of mind
  5. They earth to the body via the fixing screws. It is often the case of just screwing them in and out a couple of times to get a bite on the steel. The connection for the live feed within the indicator is also a point to check. Good luck.
  6. Had my screens put in this morning and I’ve cracked up 70 miles !
  7. I fit both my doors tonight and started on the seals. Moving it in and out of the garage as coked up the plugs lately so it was running on 2-3 cylinders. I had them out cleaned them up and boom! it runs like a dream 😁. I can't wait to get some miles on the clock.
  8. Over the last few months I've been trying to get the whole thing ready for my painter. He's not the type of guy who likes to be pestered, so I'm waiting for a call from him any day to let me know that my car can go in. I've also spent time sorting the door gaps out. He'll bond the arches and blend them into the body. Then he'll prep and paint as much as he can see. I just need to remove the glass now. Photos don't show it but all the chrome and exterior trim is now off.
  9. The bottom of the passenger door was rusted and not repairable without using a full length piece. It went really well and t's ready for some filler to smooth over the joint.
  10. Finished the outer rear quarters today. Well my part anyway; my painter will be filling and prepping before the respray.
  11. Boot floor almost complete, very happy with the result.
  12. Just some more pictures as i make slow progress. It's hard to get time off work and couple that with a dry day I revealed some rust either side of the trunk so I decided to cut it out and replace with new bits. I cannot find or afford a new heel well so I am making my own.It's getting there
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