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  1. thank you larry. hope to meet you at the brisbane swap.
  2. spwilmot

    2002 complete interior

    I need blue seats. scott in orinda, ca
  3. Need someone ideally near Walnut Creek / Concord to resto my 1974 2002 Polaris Silver with sunroof. Looking for someone who can work within a range bid without a runaway tab. No rust according to first shop that looked at it. Looking for someone who has a track record for doing 02's. Thanks. Scott in Orinda.
  4. and this follow on a few days later: http://www.yelp.com/biz/2002-ad-pomona
  5. This recent yelp.com review is a very serious matter. http://www.yelp.com/biz/2002ad-pomona
  6. i want brown door handles. scottwilmot@ymail.com c 925-285-5555 orinda ca where are you in LA?
  7. spwilmot

    74 seats

    still available? where in CT? scottwilmot@ymail.com
  8. spwilmot

    Looking to buy a SF 2002

    Call me. I know of one in orinda that is blue and for sale. Scott Wilmot 925.285.5555