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  1. All shots are courtesy of my wife, Vanessa. 85mm lens.
  2. More pics from the BayArea02 Swap & Show.
  3. I will try the steel wool on the contacts and rebend them. 6volt car. 12 volt bulbs. Headlight switch needs wd as the instrument panel is dim. Fuse box is good.
  4. New to area and looking for some trustworthy help on my 1967 1602.
  5. Looking for someone with with a drivers side mirror for a 1600.
  6. Recently thought that replacing the bulbs in the instrument panel would give me more light on the gauges at night. Not so much. With headlights on the panel is very dim. And turning the headlight switch goes from very dim to dim to black very fast. Any tips?
  7. First time poster. I'm trying to sort out a problem with my tail lights. My running lights have been out for some time. My brake lights also barely light up and very slowly and dim at that. I replaced all tail light bulbs recently but same issues. Can anyone help?
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