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  1. you can reuse that washer, but there should be one in your gasket kit if you bought one. Chin tensioner plug should torqued 22-29 ft-lb.
  2. This article with pictures explains it all https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/BMW_2002/08-WATER-Coolant_Flush_and_Replacement/08-WATER-Coolant_Flush_and_Replacement.htm
  3. I am guessing that is "bitch clip". See BillWillams post in this link below
  4. how do we know? You need to tell us what you dizzy you got then we can tell you. Between Steve and me which have 76 " 49 version and Jon 76 who has 76 calif could help you out.
  5. Connect long end of spring between handbrake lever and brake shoe.
  6. You need to have a adapter between air cleaner and the carb. Here is my write up on it, but @'76mintgrün'02 could give you some options if air cleaner has not been modified yet. Fuel Return Valve is a good device to put it back on. Works with Weber carb.
  7. Never seen green color air cleaner housing. It looks grey to me looking at your picture. For 73 it should be grey. BTW, what is hose laying on top of alternator? Thinking is fuel return line. If so need to re-routed to left and clear alternator.
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