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  1. What gear ratios was the long nose diff available in?
  2. Well we need that damn sub forum anyway! I bet you'll be all over it!
  3. We should have a separate sub forum for originality questions. (When was xyz introduced / discontinued) What interior colour options were standard for 1970 Sahara cars.. etc.
  4. On a second note are you officially das original polizei now? I feel the mantle has passed. Plus I think this forum really needs an "originality" page. You could police that I'm sure... 😉 PS just requested an originality sub forum for you to moderate! No need to thank me!
  5. Hi Steve Thanks for spotting my typo, i was supposed to write 69-73, (i was guesstimating when the 10 slat grille and the 1602 production both ended) Neil
  6. I need an alloy 1602 kidney grill for the 68-73 car (8 slats, all silver not black) let me know what you have.
  7. Ive still not had any feedback either way as to whether it fits to an M10 without cuts (other than the shifter position which is certain to move). There is a long lag time between selling a plate and people actually using it. Also most buyers seem to have cars that have been modified already (track cars etc) there is one project local to me that I hope will give me a definitive answer but its a long way off engine install time.
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