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  1. I'm not in KC, but over in Newton. (Just north of Wichita). If you all did a get together I'd try to come up to KC. I'm currently driving an e21, but looking to get back into an 02 sometime soon-ish.
  2. Oh I’d definitely buy it back, but mostly just curious about its new life. I have good memories of the California foothills.
  3. In June of 2015 I sold a 73 2002 (not Tii) Malaga with tan interior to a guy from the Bay Area. I was living in Fresno, CA and moving to Kansas. I didn't want to bring the car to a climate with snow, salt, etc. since it was my daily driver. Long story short: bad call. I miss the car every day and look at the framed pictures I have of myself and my son sitting in it prior to selling. Mostly I'm just curious to hear how the car is doing and what shape it's in now. If any of you are familiar with someone who drove down to Fresno in June of 2015 to buy a 73 Malaga, I'm just curious and reminiscing about the best car I've ever owned.
  4. Do you still have the seatbelts? Also need both front female buckles if you have them. Let me know what you have and how much.
  5. Hi, New to forum. I recently bought my first 2002, a 73 Malaga/tan daily driver. In high school I drove a 1980 320i, but Mom sold it when I went to college...long story. I'm looking for anyone in Fresno to network with and particularly for a place to get help with electrical. Need running lights, blinkers both sides, and want to add a third brake light in the back glass. Any recommendations?
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