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  1. Sorry it has been sold. The switch was from a 74/





  2. I'm looking for a right side mount for a 73. Can you let me know if any of these will work? Thamks!
  3. I have a 73 with the stalk on the right side. I can assume this would be the right fit?
  4. Canadian prices are usually higher than US prices unfortunately, and the selection is nowhere near as vast as in the US. Also the other big factor here is cost of labour....we don't come cheap up here. So for me to have a rebuilt tii motor (minus the rebuild on the FI parts, would need to do that myself or keep a carb instead), the struts, upgraded brakes, wheels, all the parts for the 5 speed conversion, new gas tank with fuel pump, sport steering wheel, radiator, and a bunch of others I'm forgetting, for me not to have to import and pay duty, taxes, shipping and 30% exchange (by the time it actually hits the bank account) is just not something I think I can pass up. I'm going to be contacting the owner tomorrow to see where he is at with getting it running, I'm hoping I can work him a bit on the price. If I get it, I will let you know! I won't be keeping them if I part the car. How many of these come up in SK? I scour kijiji for parts or cars and hardly anything decent ever comes up....within reason anyways.
  5. I've bought myself another week to decide what's going to happen as my travel plans have changed. The vin checks out based on what I've found here, and the engine is original to the car. The snorkel mystery continues until I speak to the owner again. I feel like the parts alone are well worth the money as I am in need of a 5 speed set up as well as some engine work. The tii struts and new brakes would be valuable to me as well as the sport steering wheel, not to mention the fuel injection system which would go back on the motor. It has a new gas tank that could be sold along with the 13" ATS wheels. I hate to do it but if it's going to cost too much time and money to be worth restoring, then I may as well get all the parts......ugh These cars just seem to show up so rarely around here.......conflicted
  6. Some solid information gentlemen, Saaron....that snorkel....totally agree withyou. Going to need to find out of that front clip has ever been replaced. I have the serial # from the body but not from the block....I will have to inspect further. Ray_......can you tell me more about why you think its toast?? I have been in touch with the person who rebuilt the engine many years ago, he is the one who took off the entire fuel injection system and replaced it with a carb. So I can only assume its a legit tii unless something happened prior to him doing the engine. but he says that is the cars original engine. The rockers are fairly bad....all the way through along the entire bottom pretty much....I am not independently wealthy unfortunately I think im going to have the guy who rebuilt the engine to look at the car again and tell me what he thinks of it as it sits. But any more info/opinions would be great
  7. Well gents, I write this post with the hopes that my 02 crew will give me a little nudge forward to move into another 02. The target....1974 Inka tii This is the link to the ad on kijiji....for any of you other Albertans/Canadians/Calgarians/Edmontonians looking at this add and thinking you will scoop it from me....I have a deposit on the vehicle already, you sneaky bastards! http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/calgary/1974-bmw-tii-rebuilt-motor-5spd/1080253578?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Before we move forward I want you to know that I absolutely love my 73 Sahara, but the plan for this sexy square tail is to finish it in time for my future wedding as a gift to my future wife. (I have the woman already lol) I have yet to even propose so I have a little time to finish it. Some Negatives: Do I have the space....NO Do I have the "expendable" cash.....Not really Body is rough, quarter panels, rockers on both sides, hood, all in fairly rough shape. Interior needs basically a full redo. Dash has some cracks. All seats need redoing as well as likely the door panels, carpet and headliner. Will likely need a suspension overhaul as well Needs new exhaust Some positives Its a tii!!! Motor was rebuilt and has barely been run but has been converted to carburetor but includes all the original FI parts (issue here is that its not starting and the carb seems to be leaking some gas. will need to be rectified to give him what he wants for the car) 5 speed swap complete Rear shock towers seem to be in decent shape Brakes practically new Awesome ATS 13's Its a tii!!!! Can likely wiggle my way into some storage/working space. Like I said above, I would love to give this to what will be my future wife. She has fully embraced my car addiction and she also loves my sahara, as well as the E30 I purchased her. Let me know what you all think, especially about the price....personally i think its a steal at 4k CAD....thats like $200usd hahahaha I really would hate for someone (like me) to strip it down for engine, and all the rest of those juicy parts and send her to die, so I would prefer to redo it. I will post more pics, my comp is being a bit fussy right now.....
  8. Is the manifold available? Has it been hogged out for a larger carb? Cheers!
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