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  1. Dude, I hate to tell you, that princely 507 is in my garage! Wanna trade??
  2. Hey Steve, Any time you want to make a quick hunski on it let me know! Art
  3. Damnit! How did I miss this smokin deal! Would have paid at least 12,600. Gotta stay on top of these ads! And it was the rarer 73 model🤔
  4. These seats have been recovered. Material is close, but not original.
  5. Artboakrill


    Thanks, again, Steve! Corrected the color😁 Wish this car was still around.
  6. Just curious what kind of satisfaction you receive from belittling someone regarding their selling price point?
  7. Actually tii/320 will work to lift the engine, but have no provision for the front generator mounting bolt. PM sent.
  8. Hey Andy, The sticker on my 71 is still in pretty decent shape. I will send you some photos and dimensions for reproduction if you are interested. PM me. Art
  9. So, the Gooding cab was actually a 2002, but that was also nearly five years ago. I think your pricing is very reasonable if not a bit low. Someone is going to be a very lucky new cab owner. Best of luck.
  10. I have the cover and angled drive as well as the cam drive. PM me if you still have interest.
  11. Artboakrill


    Vintage race car build.
  12. Hey Andrew, 

    If this is a repeat, I apologize. I have the covers, repro by Carl, nice! Can send pics. 


    1. adawil2002




      OK, cool.



  13. Hey, There are two different e21 hubs. Standard 02 struts or tii struts? If you have the standard 02 struts, the retaining washers from your old 02 hubs are the same and can be reused. A regular washer is a bad idea! Without the little tongue on the ID of the original washer there is nothing to keep it from rotating. Also the original washers are very hard.
  14. Hey, Just a heads up. The door brake is broken and basically junk.

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