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  1. This part is nla. Later iteration was reducer and hose nipple as one piece. Ireland Eng sells them.
  2. Sorry, didn’t see the date on this! Obviously behind the times🙄
  3. Hey, there is an upholstery shop called Autoweave in Denver area. Not sure if they do tops, but could steer you in the right direction. Good guys!
  4. Here are some pics. The part we are talking about (reducer) is directly below the distributor housing on the rear of the cylinder head. There are two choices. The reducer thread size in my pics is 36mm OD and 22mm ID. The other choice is 30mm OD and 18mm ID. Thread pitch on either is 1.5.
  5. I will post some pics for you later today. Depending on the year the nipple and the reducer (part you seek) on the 118 head is smaller than the 2ltr heads. To get the proper one you need to measure the thread size.
  6. Ok, so if your pictured part is in the back of the block you would have to have a huge hole in the transmission bell housing in order to run a coolant hose to it and tighten the clamp. That would though, be moot because you could not install the flywheel or clutch! Good luck with your search.
  7. Hey, this part is actually on the rear of the cylinder head. There were a few different sizes. Do you know which head you have? 121 or E12 or E21? The designation is cast into the left rear of the head. Or what size the threads are? I think IE had some of these remade.
  8. BTW! thanks for the booster!

  9. The turbo clock is smaller diameter than a tii clock, and larger diameter than the VDO cockpit series gauges.
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