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  1. Artboakrill

    WTB e12 front calipers

    Hey James, . If your problem is simply a sticking piston, I would recommend rebuilding what you have. Many of the rebuilt units are pretty rough, at least you know what you already have.
  2. Artboakrill

    Heater box clips

    PM sent
  3. Artboakrill

    Fuse box cover-plastic

    PM sent.
  4. Artboakrill

    Centre BMW hub stickers.
  5. Artboakrill

    Neue Klasse kidney grill - 100 EUR

    I believe this is actually an e3/e9 grill.
  6. Artboakrill

    WTB: Fuel tank for 72 TII

    PM sent.
  7. Artboakrill

    wiper linkage assembly

    PM sent.
  8. Artboakrill

    Hood bar clips

    PM sent
  9. Artboakrill

    6 fuse box & gasket

    PM sent.
  10. Artboakrill

    Bav auto

    Just heard that Bav Auto is closing after 45 years. Not sure if I’m behind the times, if so I apologize. What a great company to have done business with. Sad to see them go.
  11. Artboakrill

    Ignition switch

    PM sent
  12. Artboakrill

    Need a 1974 tii OEM Alternator

    Might want to check the amperage out put of your replacement. tii’s were 45 amp and standard 02’s were 35amp. Not a big deal unless you run a lot of accessories like big lights etc.
  13. Artboakrill


    Pretty certain these are not anything used on an 02. Look too crude to be BMW related.