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  1. Excellent Momo Prototipo silver spoke steering wheel. Lightly used, 35cm, proper Momo BMW horn button. $310+shipping. PM if interested.
  2. Hey, I have a set of “driver quality” beltline trim. Small dings and scratches, but all are straight with no major whacks. Drivers door piece has key scratches. Includes 4 seam covers. $415+shipping, PayPal fees included. I can supply new plastic clips and good used/new metal retainers with nuts for extra cost. PM me if interested. Also have trim piece between tail lights on a roundie. Straight, no hardware, minor key scratches from trunk lock, nice. $45+shipping, PayPal fees included. PM me if interested. Thanks! Art
  3. The throw out arm pivot is available from Ireland Engineering as a bronze replacement. If you carefully pivot one side of the selector rod plugs with a punch, you can pull or pry them out and reuse them. Just use a sealer on the flat edges during install.
  4. The last statement is so true! I remember putting Roundels over the plain caps because the tire shops tried to punch the hubcovers out the wrong direction and dented the hell out of them! But I don’t think the correct sized Roundels showed up til 74.
  5. You know that old saying “you can never have enough pictures of your car or your dog”😁
  6. 242 is a four speed. Threaded hole is indeed for backup switch, though there is also an Allen bolt above the selector shaft that threads into rear case.
  7. Hey, That cabrio sure looks familiar🤔 Here is a pic of my 71 with Cromodora CD32’s for your consideration. They are a period correct wheel and I think look great on a white car. Also have Campagnolo Ragno’s on a white tii. If you are interested I can post a pic of those, though they are pretty tough to find. Art
  8. Correct answer is, Fritz and Willie in the VIN stamping department we’re having a bad day when 3189 was coming down the line!😳
  9. 1971 US spec 2002. What’s wrong with this picture?🤔

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