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  1. Cleaned up the cab and went to a local car show/fundraiser for the county Flight for Life. 120+ cars. No rain! Interior was covered with mown grass after the chopper landed😳
  2. Many years ago Roger sold items on eBay. There was a NOS left trapezoid mirror listed. I messaged him and asked if he had a right mirror as well. There was, but it was at his fathers house in the garage and he would get back to me. I bought both mirrors. When they arrived both were the repros that BMW offered for a while. I paid NOS prices for what turned out to be readily available parts. I dislike being lied to and have never done business with Roger again.
  3. Excellent Momo Prototipo silver spoke steering wheel. Lightly used, 35cm, proper Momo BMW horn button. $310+shipping. PM if interested.
  4. Hey, I have a set of “driver quality” beltline trim. Small dings and scratches, but all are straight with no major whacks. Drivers door piece has key scratches. Includes 4 seam covers. $415+shipping, PayPal fees included. I can supply new plastic clips and good used/new metal retainers with nuts for extra cost. PM me if interested. Also have trim piece between tail lights on a roundie. Straight, no hardware, minor key scratches from trunk lock, nice. $45+shipping, PayPal fees included. PM me if interested. Thanks! Art

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