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  1. I'm looking for a used front lower nose panel. Right below the grill and bumper. It's a metal panel. Hoping for one with no to min rust. Dents are not a problem as long as the price reflects lmk if you have one please...doing a budget build here for a daily. [email protected]
  2. I have a box full of goods here. Here's my list 1. 5 chrome bezels for round tai lights 2. 4 round tail light reflectors (need refinishing) 3. Rear view mirror (crack in middle) 4. Rear license plate mount (includes a set of light covers) 5. Set of license plate light covers (extra set) 6. Driver and passenger wiper arms 7. Locking gas cap (no key) 8. Driver side mirror. (Little oxidation but will clean up NICE!) 9. Ignition with pigtails and 2 keys 10. Heater control benzel 11.2 sets of black arm rest for doors (yes driver and passenger) 12. Shifter boot 13. Center benzel around manual stick (black) 14. Steering column top cover (vin plate attached) 15. Steering column bottom cover (believe that's what it is) 16. 3 rear bumper extensions with good rubber 17. Pair Square tail lights I can get pictures of all of this but please email me. Won't allow me up upload from my iPad. Willing to ship but will be leaving out of the country for a week on 1-29-13 so if you want any I can ship out before I leave. I only take Paypal as well and buys pay the fee. [email protected]
  3. Have a set of 13" hubcaps in good to great condition. Willing to ship. Email me at ad[email protected] for pics or info.
  4. Have a pic of what you mean? Might have one part
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