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  1. Sounds like the Alternator to me Stuart If you want piece of mind for the voltage regulator you can start by switching those first with one of your cars since id say its a little easier than the alternator Hope all is well Mo
  2. You will enjoy Laguna Seca. Ive had some track days there (I believe through Track Masters). Ive had great experiences both times with them. I was in the advanced group (which is normally passing anywhere/ anytime) and I felt safe. Even though this is a "power" track you will be fine as long as you stick to the line and be predictable. Having 2 Viper ACRs fly right by may seem a little scary but just hold your position. Try to "Sit In" on a couple of sessions with a friend if you can so you know how it is. being on the actual track is completely different than walking around it. Let me know if you do end up going in the future. I've been itching to go back out there. Last time I went was a week before the Historics. -Mo P.S. - keep in mind about strict noise restrictions here. Normal track days here run around 92dbs. My car is pretty loud and I pushed 91dbs. So if you think youre car is extremely loud you may need to make a "turn pipe". If the motor is not heavily modified youll be ok. They do have unlimited sound days but they are $$$$$$. Easily double a normal day.
  3. I had Safelite do mine and they did a pretty good job. They know what they are doing. But you will have to take it to their shop since the mobile service cannot do these types of seals. I took it to the Redwood City one a couple years ago. I needed a new front one and they were able to get me a Pilkington one too.
  4. For a running and driving car, $3500 is not too shabby. As long as that is the only rust that is in the car, which is the main question here. You may need to dig further into it if you are looking for a full resto project. If its strictly to play with then heck yeah!!! Check main structure integrity and you're good to go!!!
  5. I'll be stopping by for a little. It might just be me but I clicked on the event and was not able to RSVP. I remember last time there were some boxes on the side and I was able to click "going".
  6. You pretty much can!! I'm assuming you have the original seat belt set up. If so you will be ok as long as you have a helmet!! Mine has a little more rules to pass tech due to all the mods (roll bar, harness, etc.) But if a car is completely stock then you're good to go!!! If you decide to get Tesoro out on the track then let me know!!
  7. Looks good!!! I will look for you on Saturday and hopefully everyone else at the Coral. Looks high enough where I won't need a mirror. Just a flashlight and crawl under to enjoy this beauty There is also talk that I may be going up to Sonoma in September and will let you know about that. But until then I'm proud to say I hit most of my marks on Sunday!!
  8. I'll be there tomorrow to have another sweet taste of the track. So I guess you decided to sign up for the Coral. Nice!!! I'll be there for Saturday but I do not plan on bringing down my 2002. I will be there tomorrow though to have my own fun on the track!!!
  9. Yeah they're asking a pretty penny for them. I would say 10k to 15k each. Of course depending on rust and if they are both running and driving.
  10. Due to demand, I have just updated the post to show now I will be able to ship parts if necessary. As long as you can be patient with me and know that it may take some time then I have no problem doing it so long as these parts go to the right home and not the scrap yard!!! -Mo
  11. This is true love in a nut shell. And do I spy I pen and calculations going on?!?!?!?!? Always need to improve on personal bests!!!
  12. I got mine from Car Covers.com. They have different textures and qualities depending what you want to spend and what you want to use it for. I have for when its outside so I got two of the all weather ones that have a 10 year warranty. Pretty much wrapping your car with a NASA looking fabric!!
  13. How much for the rear interior panels? I'll drive ti pick them up



    1. Dabliz02


      Hey Doug!!!


      Whatever you feel like offering.  If you don't want to offer anything I'd be more than happy just to give them to you.  It will all be gas money in the end.  Also  I'll be at Laguna Seca on August 7th for a track day, and the Saturday for the Historics.  I can bring them down and you can just pick them up there since its very close to you and save you a trip.  I met you last Saturday at the Cars and Coffee at Redwood City. I'm the one with the  gray 2002 with the red 74 on the side.



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