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  1. Impressive. I wish I could claim to be as lucky as this when I made my 2002 purchase. What a deal! If you decide in the next 3 months that buying a great low-rust car thousands of bucks below market value just isn't your idea of a good time, call me and I'll complete the buy. You know, in case you don't want to deal with such burdens. ;-) Just let me know (he said only half-jokingly...wait, no I'm dead serious). Also, liked the book. Congrats on that too.
  2. I took out my petronix unit. Weirdly, simply on principle. I wanted to run points and keep things "old-fashioned" as it were. Also, since I carry an extra set in my glove box I don't have to worry about that ignition issue stranding me with a road side breakdown. There's a debate about which to do and that's off-topic so I won't go into it more than I have. As for points, you can order some good ones from Ireland Engineering and trust that what you get will be solid. You can ask them for advice hill at it. Learning how to maintain and tune the distributor is (apparently) one of the first big steps of being a decent mechanic. I say "apparently" because I've yet to learn it...or re-learn it. I vaguely remember a class in high school dealing with centrifugal force and counter weights; knowing what's in the distributor certainly does't mean I have any solid understanding of how to work on said distributor. Anyway, I'm rambling... But, you know, hard cold starting could just be a choke issue.
  3. I'll give it a go. I have a frustrating learning disability where I really have a tough time reading and then applying written info. It stinks. On the other hand, when I witness an issue and see the process to fix it, I retain that stuff like a trap for some reason. For an ignoramus like me, it's a ton of false starts and trial-by-error working on my own, but I'll jump in there and take a look. Hunting around YouTube may reveal a few fixes as well. I'll check that out too. If anyone knows of URL's that might be helpful, please send them along.
  4. Do you know of any online articles that explains to a newb the proper technique to search for these issues? I'd like to tackle my similar problem but don't have the wisdom to do it.
  5. I'd like to follow up on this, see if I could make a few connections, and network. Could you PM me or send me an e-mail via my website? www.path88.com Thanks! --Matt
  6. Hi All, I'm a (very) neophyte hack mechanic and a semi-acomplished/aspiring video-film maker guy. I'm really curious if anyone in the San Diego area is involved with the "24hoursoflemons"? Just finding out about this stuff and it would make a great little short film, say 3 to 5 minutes; maybe following around 1 or 2 colorful folks involved in it. I'm sure with a little digging I'll discover pre-existing films, but regardless of all that, I'd like to make something as well. If you're into it, would you like to be featured? Know someone who might be cool to talk to on camera about it? Anyway, thought I'd ask here, seems like a good place to start. Also, if you know any colorful dudes (maybe yourself?) that your think might make for a fun subject regardless, please let me know as well. Cheers, Matt www.path88.com
  7. Well, I can only speak for myself (and maybe this will help others in a similar situation) but I had this happen to me earlier this month. Very similar symptoms. Changed the coil, didn't help. Changed the condenser and now it's fine. I'm running the ignition in "original" mode: points on my distributor. Same car as yours though. '76 w/webber.
  8. I'd check this 'kuz it was the root of my similar problem too.
  9. Is it true that you could have theoretically order this exact set-up from a specialized dealership if you really wanted it? I'm thinking how Shelby would do "official" crazy builds for Ford. Now, to get a super-high-tag-value on the car it would have needed to be originally delivered that way and documented as such, but post sales mods don't make it necessarily inauthentic, does it? I truly don't know, as I'm not an in-depth car guy, but it's probably a yes/no answer, right?
  10. I'm think I'm going to go ahead and try a starter swap. The auto parts store has one for 65 bucks, but after reading up on this site, some recommend the starter from a M3 S14 engine? The only problem is, I can't discern which year... Can anyone set me straight with a part number or more specific info on this?
  11. If you hit the starter and then it rolls over, then it's most likely going bad. Lots of people do this on a failing starter motor to get them going long enough to get to a mechanic. I have similar issues right now with the "good battery but no rolling over the engine thing." I'm going to check wiring and make sure all is clean and tight. If that doesn't do the trick I'll have to swap the starter.
  12. Ultimately, I'm thinking it's the starter. When I gave it a jump from the Jeep, it went and ran fine. (Really good in fact once it turned over, the new condenser works great.) However, when I pulled the '02 battery and then tried to jump it from the single Jeep battery, no good. Double juice, starter goes. Single amps, no go. Weird coincidence it happened the same time I was working on the distributor? Stranger things have happened I suppose.
  13. I did not. Do you think I could mess up the timing enough for this to happen by just swapping the condenser? Which is all I did in between "good" starting and now "bad" starting.
  14. All other components were new. Coil, Plugs, Points, Cap, but not the condenser. Local mechanic put one in a year ago. Sept '12. With the new one it's now running smooth again. However, after the condenser change I'm having a hard time cranking on start, it behaves as if the battery is drained. Even with a jump from my jeep the starter turns over sluggish. Once it goes, no problem. Wondering if I created some sort of short or what.
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