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  1. They are officially sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. These are in my car so you can test them inspect them, test them etc. They were installed by Patrick at Midnight Motorsports and they run good and the set up is fantastic. I just had the car fully painted and as you can see there is a lot of dust in this picture. Prior to painting everything was great and clean. The linkage alone is very nice and Patrick adds custom cables etc, the intake and carbs are also great along with the red horns and filters. This is a great way to get into side drafts at a reasonable price. Come to Midnight Motorsports on Friday and you can hear them run. Price with everything is negotiable.. lets talk. Please PM me with questions.
  3. I have the trim and am willing to sell it. Reach out to me to discuss. I will send a PM to the one that started this also.
  4. Just a bit of an update on this 73 Malaga. I never got to restoring it so after a year I sold it. I happened to see the car on Craigslist and found out the owner was moving back home to New Zealand (great guy) and could not keep the car. He had done a lot of work and sourced many parts for the car. I felt an attachment to the car and had regretted selling it. Tonight I went and drove it home. A lot of this car is now in boxes but it has had a lot of work done already. I am excited to have the story and the car back. These pictures are from my drive home tonight. (friend followed with my truck full of parts)
  5. ttown


    At least we know the car is the best color 2002 BMW released .. we can all agree on that right ..
  6. I noticed the craigslist post also and assumed it was Stu's car (except the plates :)). This 2002 is a nice one for sure. People often wonder how you can spend so much fixing up a little old 2002... Well you can and will. Its insane how much parts cost for these little cars. It is also crazy how long it takes to fix up a 2002 to be as nice as the one Stu is selling. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Great to see everyone and the 02's.. Thanks again Stu.
  8. Those look really good. Overcast Seattle is good for pictures!
  9. I'm in Tacoma and available for a south end drive. We can meet at Griots Garage.
  10. Nice find. I believe the color they were going for is Taiga.
  11. I don't mean to be negative at all just happened to me. I would not expect everything to be perfect. I got the refund once I returned it. I wish it would have worked since it is such a great idea etc. **I would say this in my experience only and they were great with the return. Mine might be 1 in 1000 so do not put a lot into my experience.
  12. I purchased it like a year ago. The great thing was that he gave me all of my $$ back. I thought that was fair etc. It was a pain though.

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