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  1. Hi, He sell it as a piece. His name is André Meisel email [email protected] This the link for his item http://marktplatz.bmw-02-club.de/showad.php?adid=15864 He has a remake from the early floor strips for 1600-2 and 2002 /ti/ convertible. Up to april 1971, the grey version with screws on the top. Since two weeks, they nowhere available. You can email him and tell him that you know from Benny.
  2. Is this what are you looking for? I bought it from Germany last year, some one made it.
  3. Hi, Need help. In the middle of welding the BMW 1800 1965 body. I found that the rear lower body profile is different with the picture I got from website. Actual profile on the car as below ( inside he red box) : Is that lower body profile is the original profile? Because from the website picture found the lower body prifile is different shape I'm not sure if some one has change the lower body profile or not. Can anyone advise for this? Thank you. Bens
  4. Hi, If anyone want to sell one piece ( not one set ) Alpina wheel 7x15 et12 pn 3611108, please PM me. Wheel condition doesn't has crack and if it need recondition will accepted. Thank you.
  5. Thank's but if anyone has compare it in visual / actual condition, it will helpful.
  6. Hi, I like to know regarding to Alpina wheel 7x15 et 12 pn 3611108, is this wheel exactly the same dimension with OZ Heyking BHS 7x15 et 12 ? Anyone can reconfirm? Thank's
  7. Could anyone inform the wide of plastic filler strip for later model? Thank you.
  8. Hi Alex, Thank you very much for your help. It's very helpful
  9. Help..Please anyone help for the measurement. Thank you.
  10. Hi.... I need help to get measurement for NK nose. Could anyone help me to give the data as below picture? Thank you for the help. Bens
  11. @mcmil, what is the different between early and late NK rubber seal makes the filter strip can not swap?. Is this the same condition for the front windshield rubber too? Thank you.
  12. @Hans, thank you for clear answer......
  13. I'm still looking for NK part; • accelerator linkage ( in cabin area ) from RHD car • door sill plate for front and rear door ( grey trim on lower door area) If anybody have it, please PM me. Thank you.
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